“Some couture Collections have everything including the kitchen sink! Everything gets thrown on to make it look expensive“- Alexander McQueen

The design of your kitchen sink should be visually attractive and must comply with your kitchen look. Kitchen sinks remain one of the most essential parts of your cook House, used for washing dishes, preparing fruits and vegetables and much more. While choosing a kitchen sink, keep in mind that there should be low maintainability and it should be easy to use. Generally, kitchen sinks are made up of stainless steel, cast iron, fireclay and composite. Apart from this, there are single bowls and double bowl sinks, that are generally used. A regular sink is around 18-22 inches wide and 30-35 inches long. Apart from this, it can be 20-24 inches deep. The size may differ as per choice and preference. So here is a look at few of the most prominent kitchen sinks that you can use in your kitchen while designing your modular kitchen.



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This sink is made up of stainless steel and has double basins. It is also known as a drop-in sink that creates a rim over your countertop. It is easy to install and the rim provides it extra support, it can be made up of any material. The top mount kitchen sink is more practical and suitable for a modern kitchen.


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This is a single bowl sink made up of stainless steel and is under-mount, under-mount means built below the countertop. In other words, we can say that it is embedded inside the countertop. These are most preferable for a small kitchen where there is less space. They are easier to use because they have a flat bottom. One drawback of having a single bowl sink is that it does not allow you multitask hence prefer this thing only when you have a small household.


This is one of the most amazing and stylish sinks that can fit your modern kitchen. It is glazed at a very hot temperature of more than 1600 Fahrenheit and is extremely durable. These are similar to cast iron sinks in terms of quality. Apart from this fireclay sinks are more expensive as compare to cast-iron. It comes with a double basin & rim surrounding the countertop.


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This is the usual stainless steel sink with a single basin. It is a mount top one and has a drainboard connected to it. On the drainboard, you can place your dishes after washing, making it easier to work. This also helps in managing space in your kitchen. While using a kitchen sink with drainboard, you do not need a dishwasher because it saves energy and also makes your kitchen look more neat and clean.


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These are a few of the most popular kitchen sinks that are used nowadays. It is made up of stainless steel and has a double basin. It is an under-mount sink. These are not made on the main countertop & are made on a separate shelf in your kitchen (centre). These are complied with wood, Granite or stainless steel as per your kitchen. Having a kitchen island sink is much more costly than the normal one. But it will enhance the beauty of your kitchen and make it more feasible to work.


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These are made up of cast iron and mostly have a single basin. It has a top mount sink. These are white and glossy, which makes your house looks urban. If you have a house complying with the themes of vintage or farmhouse, cast iron sinks can be useful. These are more durable and easy to fit. The only drawback is that they cannot be cleaned by abrasive cleaners. If you use bad cleaners, the enamel coating will get dusted off. Make sure that you take good care of it.


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This is an awesome looking black coloured sink because of the use of Granite. It is a double basin, top mount sink, which is preferable for a modern kitchen. It is made by crushing the Granite and raisin filler. These basins are very durable and come with a cutting edge system that provides an aesthetic look to your kitchen. Apart from this, the sinks are dense due to which they have a unique sound absorbing quality. Granite Sink is very heavy and needs structural support.


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Imagine that you have an empty corner in your kitchen, that’s used for nothing good. You can prefer having a small sink, Also known as the two angled basin. This is mostly top-mounted and made up of stainless steel. Corner sinks are much more expensive than the others but are easy to install. You can customize it according to your corner, but it is one of the best ways to utilize your little corner. This even helps in maximizing your counter space and bringing in more efficiency.


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A very simple and common stainless steel sink with a single basin used mostly in every Indian house. It is an under-mounted sink which looks very classy and elegant. Bar sinks are smaller in size and are shallow. Having such a Sink resort space for preparation work and helps in the easy cleanup. Apart from this, a bar Sink is a prominently for a terrace or a patio.


This is again one of the most stunning and gorgeous sinks that you can fix in your kitchen. it is a decent looking, double basin sink made up of porcelain material. The farmhouse sink is commonly used when you have a rustic kitchen or a farmhouse kitchen, it can be a single style or double style depending upon the space. Another quality of farmhouse sinks is that these are very deep and perfect for plenty of dishes. Moreover, these are very difficult to install because one needs to cut out a particular portion of your cabinet/countertop to fit. It is made up of round edges.


It’s an amazingly awesome sink that can be used in two ways. Firstly you can have a Sink made up of the same material as your countertop. Secondly, you can use a different material because flush mount sinks mix well with all the other designs. Generally, a grout line is classified between the sink and the countertop that helps in creating a strong bond and makes it look smooth and consistent.



Most of the people in India use Sink are made up of stainless steel because these are inexpensive and easy to clean. There is no tension of any scratch. As the gauge increases, the weight and the price of the sink also increases.


This is made up of porcelain enamel finish, which gives the sink a very glossy and stunning look. It is prone to scratches; hence need to be used very carefully. These are very expensive and heavy too. Moreover cast iron sinks require support below the sink bowl, to prevent it from falling.


Any sink made up of Granite is known as a composite material. Generally, Granite is crushed together and mixed with other additives and then constructed into a sink. It is durable and can hold as much heat as possible.


As the name suggests, it is made up of ceramic clay which is dried at a very high temperature. This helps it in making very strong and durable.


Apart from this kitchen sinks are also made up of acrylic i.e. glass fibre or plastic. These are inexpensive and attractive. They are available in different designs and colours but are not durable. The major drawback is that acrylic sinks do not resist heat whereas most of the other sinks have a heat resistant technology

So these were various types of kitchen sinks that can be used in your kitchen, most of these last long for 15-30 years depending upon the maintenance and usability. The most popular sink is the stainless steel double sink which is deep, inexpensive and easy to use. Secondly, people also prefer using farmhouse sinks that are suitable for a rustic design or a farmhouse design. If you have a colonial design you can prefer having a farmhouse sink. Now, if you want your kitchen to look very trendy and want some more space on the countertop, you can prefer having Kitchen Island sink. It customizes space and allows you to work effectively.