Kitchen Budgetary Price (KBP)

Check our KBP is the estimator to get any idea on how much your kitchen may cost.
Prices mentioned excludes Accessories, Appliances and Taxes.

Its for Matt Kitchen, the material is sandwiched between Plywood and Engineered Wood.
Total length in feet to be measured.

modular kitchen cost calculator
modular kitchen cost calculator
modular kitchen cost calculator
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Usable length is the total length that can be used to occupy base cabinets for your kitchen, i,e the length of the Granite area. For example, if you enter 15 feet as usable space for 8 feet(A) X 7 feet(B) L shaped kitchen (8+7 = 15).


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  1. Pricing : Price quoted are exclusive of Accessories, Appliances and Taxes
  2. 14 days delivery, is the time we come and deliver at site and another 1 week for installation