Pantry ideas to design your kitchen

Stock up your pantry and your freezer with things that aren’t perishable: Your favourite jar of tomato sauce that lists ‘tomato’ as the first ingredient, lots of grains, olive oils, vinegar, tomato pastes, onions, shallots. When you go to the store, you only have to pick up meats and produce.

lockdown has proved its importance of having a large pantry. Having a pantry is essential because kitchens are mostly stuffed with kitchen utensils, fruit pots and pans, spice bottles, silverware, groceries, dinnerware and lots and lots of foodstuff. Having a pantry organises your kitchen and also brings in comfort and ease.

The pantry helps in maximizing the space you have in the kitchen all a spare room. It reduces any spoilage and duplication of food products. Just imagine, you wake up in the morning to have a meal of your day. Before you pop into the kitchen, all the ration boxes in your cabinets popped up at up, misserale !! Having a pantry or a separate storage unit helps in reduction of mess in the kitchen and keeps all structured. A pantry filled with candies, pancakes, ice-creams, bread, juices and jams would be so amazing. Right?

It is difficult to store chunks of tetra pack, tall boxes and large containers in your kitchen when it comes to pantry staff hence it is important to label ingredients and keep it visible in the open pantry. In this lock downtime when people are storing Use amount of groceries within their compact kitchens, making it difficult for them to organise and use stuff.

How to keep your pantry organised?

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Keeping your pantry organized is not a difficult task; all you need to do is concentrate on what is essential for you and things of regular use.

  • First of all clean your pantry, remove the products that are not needed, don’t throw them. Take out empty boxes and packets along with expired food items.
  • Secondly, create zones; there should be separate zones for staples, snacks, breakfast, baking supplies, beverage, bulk items, entertainment and serving ware. This will eventually help you to organize your chips, cookies, oatmeal, sugar, brownie mix, spices, soda bottles, paper towels, plastic bags, paper plates, napkins, cookie sheets and trays.
  • Use large containers and keep them labeled for example having bulk storage of sugar in your house, keep it in a 10 L/10 KG jar with a label to sugar. You can do this with greens and flour too.
  • Keep on customizing your countries as per the needs and demands. Take a review of your pantry every month and manage all the good stuff by date and smell.
  • Okay, so here is some of the pantry idea you can use in your life especially during the face of this lockdown to keep things simple and accessible.

Butlers White pantry

This is an immensely charming pantry because of its white color palette that brings in brightness. Using a white color in your pantry makes it look bigger and larger. The Storehouse includes open cabinets, glass door cabinets and windows for ventilation

Pullover shelves

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Having pullover shelves in the kitchen makes it more accessible and easy in storing groceries and other stuff. It is a great idea for a smaller kitchen where you can have one full toilet cabinet with various pullover drawers to store your groceries. Mostly in a white kitchen, Grey drawers are preferred.

Charming farmhouse

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This is a walk-in pantry where there are shelves along with baskets. It looks like a grocery store where products are kept in a display. The shells are white and tall. The room even has a counter space along with metal and screen partition which makes it look modern sleek trendy.

Corner shelves

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Another exciting idea for a built-in kitchen pantry. All you can do is converting your long corner cabinet into a pantry which circular rotating shelves. This will help you store chunks of food. If you have a black kitchen then it is preferred to use aluminum alongside because it gives it a very glossy look. 

Pantry containers

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Imagine having a pantry with hundreds of containers, large and small. This will help you in classifying and storing your food accessories and prevent it from looking messy, cluttered and crowded. It helps in maximizing space and makes it easy for you to find stuff.

A Corner room

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If you have a small kitchen but an urge to have a pantry then a small cabin it can be converted into a pantry room of walk-in pantry room which has the advantage of being compact and clean. You can include small and large shelves and store your groceries into a wall shelf.

The Classic butlers

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This is a professional pantry with various shelves and drawers. It also has Door cabinets and modified by lamps. You can have a wooden count to space and the ladder so that you can get access to the cabinets at the top. This is a very elegant and modern pantry. Most of the preparation work can also be done here because of a countertop.

Swing-out shelves

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The shelves exhibit luxury and creativity. This is an amazing way to replace old traditional cabinets, it uses very less space and helps organize large bottles, tetra bags, jars and cans.

Wicker Basket

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You can customize your kitchen in a way that makes it easy to use. Instead of having wooden drawers, you can prefer having baskets to store onions, potatoes and other dry fruits and vegetables which make it efficient to use. These baskets can be small or large depending upon the size of your kitchen.

Staircase pantry

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Most of the time, the space below your stairs are kept free and useless. There is it need to utilize that space by adding shelves and rolling drawers.

Apart from this, you can have a walk-in refrigerator where you can store all the cold stuff items, along with a separate room filled with drawers to store all your dry food items. Looks good in white, grey color combinations because these colours are cool and vibrant. To customize your pantry a bit more, you can use baskets, trolleys, jars, cabinets. So here we some amazing pantry ideas, you can rely on.

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