Modular kitchen and what you need to know

Modular Kitchens define our route into the future. A future will see a kitchen being smart and stylish both at the same time. Whilst also being very easy to use. Kitchen cabinets aren’t the invention of yesterday, although the way they are made today adds to the deal of them being futuristic. Easily customisable, made to meet the liking of any given homeowner. Wall units to floor units, bottle holders to the built-in storage for cooking appliances. Such as cooktops, chimneys, ovens, and such. 

You name it and it can be made at any second, minute or hour of the day. While also producing them in finishes, colours, using a number o materials to make them look the way you want. Whilst efficiently using every sq inch of space inland around your kitchen. They can be made to meet the price that fit any given pocket, while also keeping them strong and useable for many years and years. 

All these points said and done though, there are a few things you as a home buyer should keep an eye on while deciding to install a Modular Kitchen at home. These simple points if followed will help in fitting in a modular kitchen seamlessly into your home decor. Well if we caught the taste of your interest, then let’s read on. 

Choose to use low maintenance raw materials 

While the idea of building your kitchen can be very exciting, it can turn out to be a total disaster, finically, visually and certainly without being said functionally. Hence it is only advisable, to use raw materials that need very low maintenance to increase the shelf life of your modular kitchen. 

Modular Kitchen

  • Plywood 
  • MDF
  • Solid wood 
  • HDF

Kitchen cabinets are mostly built using plywood as raw material. Which includes top, base and all kinds of storage in and around the kitchen. MDF can also be used as a suitable substitute in these cases. 

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Plan your storage and use it all right till the brim 

Whether it is in the case of building automobiles or sketching the design of a kitchen. If there isn’t a solid POA to follow. You would end up reaching a dead end a lot sooner than later. Which is why a plan in every case becomes a stepping stone to achieving success. Similarly, you need to plan the storage spaces you’d need in your modular kitchen. 

Modular Kitchen


  • Top units 
  • Bottle cabinets 
  • Base units 
  • Overhead cabinets 

All the afar mentioned are commonly used terms to explain storage spaces needed in a kitchen. You would need to sit down with an interior designer and figure out how much space you would need and how much can be included in that one room. 

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Opt for Simple colour schemes and blend in shades 

Although, it may be a call that is taken by our sense of colour. No modular kitchen would certainly be designed using several colours. Having said the same though, there are a set of colours that make a constant pallet. 

Modular Kitchen

  • White and Grey 
  • Brown and light Yellow 
  • Black and Grey 
  • Orange and Ebony 

The list doesn’t end here, it sure doesn’t add in the colours that you feel make a perfect blend and build your kitchen around the colour scheme. There is no rhyme or reason for why you think two colours blend in well. If it lightens up your eyes and inspires you to cook those world-class on-trays. 

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Learnt the importance of lighting in your kitchen 

Lighting plays an important role in our lives. From lights that simply drive away from the darkness in our eyes, to lights that set the aura of a room. Lighting if used rightly can be a game-changer in any given case. 

Modular Kitchen

  • Task lights 
  • Ceiling lights 
  • Below cabinet lights
  • Above cabinet lights 

On and on, on and on this list can certainly go on and on. Although, these lighting options can be customised to meet any given need. By simply being placed at certain important points in your modular kitchen. 

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As said a number of times although, there is no given thumb rule to what fits into a kitchen and what doesn’t. It is only sensible to choose what you need and what is just for show. So as a result, one is left with only a few things that would generally fit into the design and make of any given kitchen. 

While sqft area can be a very important factor in these cases. There certainly can’t be an instance, when a homeowner makes space for something that is truly unreasonable. All these points and more added would mean nothing if you as a homeowner don’t know what you need and what a kitchen in real terms requires. 

These points where intent to built a method to the madness. An enjoyable madness called “designing your kitchen”. It doesn’t get any harder, nor does it get any easier, all that stays is our constant fear of not being able to build a kitchen that provides more than it asks. 

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