loft design and decor idea for you Modular Kitchen

Kitchen is not just a cooking house; it is the heart of the house. The trend of having a modular kitchen has made life simple and effortless. It is now much more convenient to organise things and manage them .This room plays a much larger role, rather than just cooking. It is brilliant to have your essentials in a reach zone, rather that tough to reach zones. It is a place where you drink, eat, play and sometimes even work. A loft kitchen designed and listed by the best modular kitchen manufacture in Bangalore will certainly help suit your Modular kitchen, if you have an industrial design layout or a contemporary modular kitchen.

If you have a bohemia kitchen or a British kitchen, this loft design may not comply with your interior décor. Generally these lofts are made up of high-gloss white material, but Stone, metal, bricks, and concrete are the perfect alternative to the standard white high-gloss design. You can also experiment with the ideas about the loft kitchen by putting ceramic tiles unevenly on the wall. Consider making a special kitchen wall using the remaining tiles to create a fabulous design. Elements that stretch across the wall don’t physically take up much room and provide plenty of storage space.

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For instance in a industrial design house, you can have high ceiling ceramic loft. To give a modern look to your house, these open lofts can be covered and designed. The modern kitchen loft style enhances the space and makes it lighter and denser, especially if they are ideas by the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore . While making a loft kitchen makes sure that the loft is not too high, as it becomes very difficult to reach. Even if you have a loft, at some height, have some fancy but strong ladder as per your home design. A loft kitchen design idea is currently in fashion because it Is not only a stylish way to decorate your modular kitchen, but is also not as expensive as other kitchen decoration designs.

Ideas for your Industrial Style House:-

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  • To make a loft, specially designed for your in industrial design House you can follow the SNAIDERO design, that is a blend of urban and industrial aesthetic‘s. This includes canyon oak decor along with peltra and Artico laminates. Not only this, you can complement your counters and cabinets with bronze wire to match your industrial design.
  • Apart from this you can have a graphic panels that can be used with wood lock Doors. Using graphic patterns in an industrial style design is popularly known as Azulejos texture.
  • You can have a cabinet made up of wood lock or bronze glass finish, this can be easily complemented with aluminum shelves. The upper lofts can have built-in LED lights, just to make your working easy. The color combination plays a great role, this may highlight your kitchen. To make your loft look authentic and different, you can use different laminates with different patterns.

Ideas for your Modern Style House:-

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  • In case you have a modern style house, you require a modular kitchen with a modern loft. Model of basically includes concrete material that can be again combined with canyon Oak.
  • You can have covered loft areas, in form of large rooms to store your kitchen accessories. Apart from this, it can be integrated with your kitchen cabinets, just to maximize space.
  • Wooden door panels, on the loft may look amazing. You can comply these concrete loft with concrete countertop, flooring, walls and ceilings. This will give you a uniform design, and the wooden door panels will make it look much more adorable.
  • You can have storage beneath the stove, in form of pull over shelves making it much more accessible.

Ideas for your Urban Style House:-

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  • In urban style house, it’s always advised to use fossil oak, as it generates a unique color making your kitchen look bold and beautiful.
  • These lofts can be complemented with yellow wood furnishing, along with various shelves to arrange kitchen accessories, cookbooks, and other stuff.
  • To highlight your loft, you can use brass pendants. This will not only provide light but also match up with your decor.

Key element for loft kitchen designs is the rustic style  The earthy color palette that dominates gives the space some seriosity. At the same time it makes the place look extremely modern and chic. Opt for something like this and notice how your kitchen can transform your home decor.

These were some amazing loft ideas that can be customized into your kitchen. Apart from this you can have Exposed ceiling is to embrace your industrial look.The polish of the tile wall in the kitchen along with a the sleek countertop, provide a mesmerizing contrast. Always use white, natural and subtle colors in your Modular kitchen, specially when you have a loft. This is because loft covers a lot of space and using light colors will help you make your kitchen look bigger. Moreover you can use exposed bricks in your kitchen, rather than going towards any other style of walls. These exposed bricks can be complemented with simple white shelves. It is Inexpensive and easy to use.

Apart from this you can also have textured walls in your kitchen, this will help you differentiate between your loft and the rest of the kitchen designed and produced by the best modular kitchen manufacture in Bangalore .The windows Play most notable Role  while designing a loft, all you need to do is have a large windows in the loft, to maintain cleanliness and this will allow sunlight to peak in and remove bad smell. So here we come to an end, these were some ideas that can be used while you design your kitchen with a loft designed and explained to you by the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore .