L Shape Kitchen designers in Bangalore



Starts from ₹ 50000



Starts from ₹ 100000



Starts from ₹ 40000



Kitchen Design Tip 1:

Ample Space

Food preparation and cooking requires ample space for free movement. Therefore, a good kitchen design should provide enough space for at least 3 people to work in without crowding.




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Kitchen Design Tip 2:


A good kitchen design should support proper storage of utensils and all the other things used in the kitchen. It should feature well-organized kitchen drawers and cabinets. Most of the designs in the modern world feature great looking cabinets which are so high up. Such designs limit maximization and are not readily usable. When choosing a kitchen design do not be impressed by fancy, instead, get a design that will inspire great purpose and accessibility.




Starts from ₹ 55000



Starts from ₹ 110000



Starts from ₹ 100000



Kitchen Design Tip 3:


The design should have the areas of chopping meats, vegetables, spices and mixing sauces close to the stoves or where you cook them up. This will incredibly save you a great deal of energy, time and make cooking enjoyable.



L Shaped Kitchen Designing


most popular and most classic kitchen layout


L-shaped kitchen includes two perpendicular walls. This layout is mostly followed by every Indian kitchen, which makes it easy in placing appliances and having a flexible work zone. It’s always advised to keep the leg of L less than 4.5 m which makes it easier to use. Most of the people prefer to work in pantry cupboard with its shape kitchen. This prevents condition, confusion and chaos in the kitchen. You can comply with your L-shaped kitchen with an Island, for making breakfast or chopping vegetables. It is suitable for large families with 2-4 people cooking.