Is Wooden flooring good option for a kitchen ?

A Modular Kitchen is one of the most important Units in your house. You have always considered it to be adorable and magnificent, which increases the value of your home. The kitchen has to go through lots of ups and downs, spills and drips, Splashes and sprinkles along with various stubborn patches. In such a condition, especially in an Indian family, you require proper flooring which does not easily get affected by these harsh patches makes it easier to clean. Apart from this it should be protected from heat and should be non-slippery.

There are various materials like hardwood, which is very durable and brings in the lamination effect. Apart from this bamboo is also one of the most effective Modular Kitchen floorings because it is moisture and water-resistant. It is very popular nowadays to use bamboo in the kitchen if you follow the trend. Moreover, some people prefer having ceramic tiles because these are available in different shapes, colour, and patterns. it is glazed and can handle heat easily.

Concrete, natural stone tile, linoleum, vinyl are also some of the major floorings that are used nowadays. Let’s talk about wooden flooring because most of the people consider that having wooden flooring can deteriorate the condition of your house especially in the Modular kitchen.

You would be astonished to know that hardwood is one of the best materials, durable and desirable when designing the modular kitchen floor. It adds value to the house and also is rich in aesthetics. The hardwood requires very high maintenance and is water-resistant; there might be some damages due to water still. Makes cooking more seamless and cohesive. You can comfortably walk bare feet and it is even suitable for kids to crawl.

Make sure that you seal your floor, to avoid damage. Maintain your flu regularly; wipe out all the skills immediately. Use a soft cotton scrap or a mob with soft bristles. Apart from this, You should resist yourself from using a steam floor cleaner. Make a habit to check under sink, for any leaks or drainage. Moreover, you can use rugs and floor mats to avoid cleaning. Doing this will help you absorb all the spills easily without reaching the wood

There are places in the kitchen which are known as semi-moist or sporadically moist, better to avoid hardwood on those areas because there are chances that it may become moist and it doesn’t let water migrate through it just like concrete does.

In kitchens, hardwood makes the flooring surface somewhat more flexible than hard fabrics, such as stone or ceramic tile, but it is considerably softer than more durable flooring materials, such as vinyl or cork. Dishware can well withstand falls on hardwood flooring, but a dropped can of vegetables can stain the wood at the same time. Although not as convenient as vinyl, hardwood would still feel cooler underfoot than ceramic or stone tile.

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There are various types of hardwood flooring that you can use in your Modular Kitchen, let’s have a look into these aspects:-

  1. SOLID UNFINISHED PLANKS – these are solid hardwood planks which are suitable for Modular Kitchen, they are easy to install and remain tied together. They are covered with a steel coating, to protect the surface. This protection helps reduce the penetration of water. It needs to be re-finishing in a certain period.
  2. SOLID PREFINISHED PLANKS – this is another type of hardwood planks that require more time in installation. This has been highly in trend as it replaces unfinished flooring. These planks are sanded, sealed, stand and finished at the factory itself. Most of the interior designers advise not using pre-finished planks in the kitchen.
  3. ENGINEERED PLANK– this is thin hardwood flooring with the base of plywood or MDF. This is a type of prefinished flooring and is created with a click-lock technology. It requires less installation and is quite stable to use in the kitchen. As per the trend, these are mostly used against concrete slabs.
  4. LAMINATE WOODEN FLOORING – laminate wood flooring can also be known as a compressed fiberboard plank that is covered with an image of wood. This is one of the most protective layers, that does not get easily deteriorated. It’s smooth and pretty, mostly suitable for living rooms and the rooms. It is waterproof and suitable for Modular Kitchen and bathrooms also. These are cheap and have a click-lock design.
  5. RECLAIMED WOOD FLOORING- this is wooden flooring, made up of timber. This material can be reused and mostly gives a rustic interior design to your room. It can be installed anywhere but most of the times it’s advised to avoid using it in the bathroom or Modular Kitchen because Timber swells of easily. Generally, it is very durable and adds value to your house.
  6. PARQUET FLOORING- This flooring can easily be recognized because it is made up of short wooden blocks or wooden strips forming a geometrical pattern. You can make various patterns with this wooden flooring; it is durable and can handle huge traffic. It’s good for living room and other rooms except for bathrooms and kitchen because it captures humidity or moisture easily. You may find it a bit expensive.
  7. BAMBOO FLOORING –bamboo flooring is another type of wood flooring that is extremely durable and similar to natural wood. Bamboo is not waterproof hence it’s not advisable to use it in the kitchen. Bamboo is a sustainable resource, good for people suffering from asthma or any dust problem. It is water assistant, and easy to clean.
  8. CORK FLOORING– This is the last on the list, which is highly durable and safe. This flooring is made up of cork blended with resins formed into a sheet. This is a soft surface, mostly preferred for children’s room or a playroom. You can also use it in the Modular Kitchen and bathroom. If you have any allergy, this is the best. The cork flooring is finished with an invisible varnish that protects it from any water damages. It is biodegradable and one of the best in the list.

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If you’re more focused on bringing in decor to your house, which makes your house adorable and fine-looking then using hardwood is considered as one of the best material because of the warm texture and colour. Hardwood is attractive and rich in asthmatics, increases the value of your house. It can be furnished and renovated and it is softer and warmer than the tiles. Hardwood is durable and versatile. It is comfortable and convenient to use

Hardwood flooring can suit any interior design along with a varied type of furniture. It will increase the aesthetic value of your house. You can pair your wooden flooring with simple and soft colours. You can blend wooden flooring with navy blue cabinets and green plants along with white appliances which make your kitchen look flawless.