“You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete”- R. Fuller. 

A score ago, kitchens were considered as a different entity, distinctive from the common house. The design initially was based upon ergonomic factors, because of lack of space in households. One of the most popular designs was a golden triangle, which efficiently created a link between cooktop, sink and the refrigerator. A traditional look invested in real wood furniture with only essential gadgets. In the early 20s, space was not a matter in Concern but the effective management and improvisation of the space always created chaos. As always said If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.

On the other hand in today’s generation, when we have a whole new world to explore, technically upgraded play an important role. Modular kitchen can be termed as cream de la cream, from the rest of the house. These are affordable, simple, elegant and luxurious with prominent features and functionality. The shift from the traditional is to modular kitchens, have bought in progress in effective space management. Nowadays, interior designers come up with creative ideas of using the base cabinet for groceries, overhead cabinets for spices and pulses, long cabinets for large bottles, subdivided cabinets for silverware, door cabinets to maximize the space utilization and pull over drawers. Apart from this using kitchen hooks for cups, serving spoons and pans also help in restoring storage. The most suitable layout for small houses includes L-shaped, U- shaped, G-shaped and gallery kitchen.

Having a large or a small kitchen is not a concern, utilizing that space in an effective manner is a concern. Generally, an organized cookhouse looks messy, unclean, suffocating and unfriendly. A kitchen is a place where you almost spend hours preparing your favourite meals. The journey from traditional to modular kitchens has brought in technological advancements and craftsmanship. It is not just a room; it is the soul of the house. 

There are various factors to be kept in mind while customizing storage spaces. These include higher functionality, durability, the convenience of use, budget-friendly methods and most advanced technology. Here are a few interesting ideas on how you can make space creatively in small kitchens. All you need to do is, make your kitchen look hassle-free, organized and fresh. 


Modular Kitchen

To increase space efficiency in your small cookhouse, and to make it a modular one, uses pegboards. These are specially designed to hang cups, pots and pans, serving spoons and other essential needs. These boards can be hanged on Walls above the countertop and cabinet doors.

Use furniture suitable for a Small kitchen

Modular Kitchen

Instead of using a huge dining table; prefer using a moon-shaped table, or a sleek table, or even a pull-out table. This not only will improvise the space but will also make it look impressive.

Having shelves under the island Countertop

Modular Kitchen

imagine having a countertop filled with vegetables and groceries, tins and containers and pegboards, Isn’t it complex to work in the kitchen which is so much confusion, hence preferring shelves under the island countertop helps in arranging your countertop, it can be used for chopping vegetables. It is a very constructive and productive way of increasing space.

Space above cabinets and fridge

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Every kitchen has those large pots and pans, which consume plenty of space. It is better to keep them above the cabinets and the fridge to ensure better and efficient space management.

Have a freestanding shelf in the kitchen 

modular kitchen in bangalore

Movable racks, Loaded with all the essential electronics can be used instead of sturdy tables. This will even help you find a connection for your gadgets and customize the look of the kitchen to make it modern, small and fiery. 

Have a perfect color combination

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It is preferred to use light colors instead of dark. Using light colors making it look cool and refreshing; it is preferred to use cool and tender shades. This practically does not increase the storage capacity but change is the perspective. It is always preferred to not use warm and dark colors in the kitchen because they are imposing and dominating. So next times you make a kitchen make sure that you use white, as a base color. 

Over the sink cutting board

Modular Kitchen

You require almost half of the countertop while cutting and chopping vegetables. To customize this you can prefer using over the sink cutting Boards that can spare space and act as an additional countertop.

Build a pantry

Modular Kitchen

Wherever possible kitchens have overhead cabinets, the base of the overhead cabinets can be used as a pantry. Hanging shelves can be used to store essential ingredients like tea, sugar, spices and regular use materials.

Make the fullest you space on the cabinet doors

Modular Kitchen

Adding small and sleek racks- On the inside of a cabinet door, Can help you customise space and improvise to storage. This can bring a change in your small kitchen, and make it look admirable and productive.

Slide-out prep station-here is a clever solution on effective management of storage where a sliding pullover can be used to prevent chaos, confusion and malfunctioning on the countertop. 

 Another effective way is using shelf dividers, and multiplying your storage. Shelf dividers are stand like structures that help you double your storage capacity and properly arrange your dish well.

Divided and bifurcate kitchen tools– we all have quite complex silverware, hence it is preferred to keep all of them classified and separate, are you can do is make small compartments in a drawer, and keep strainers, spoons, graters, ice cream scoopers, measuring cups, spatulas & brushes and honey spoons separate. 

Make the fullest of the space available-the skimming and sleek spaces between your refugee rater and the wall can be used by making tall sliders which can store pickle bottles, canned items and jars. 

Toe kick drawers- to bring or renovation in your kitchen, these drawers can help you customize space. These require very less space to be made and can store pans, small pantry items. 

Making space in the kitchen is not a big deal, all you need to do is enhance your creativity and try out various do it yourself projects to utilize even the smallest space in the kitchen effectively. Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things differently.  Making a small kitchen look appealing, all you can do is use creative technology and calming interiors. Focus on organizing the cutlery and make the most out of the corners.

So, these were certainly small, pleasant and homely innovations that can stabilize space and storage in kitchen. The list is never-ending; you can prefer using tall units, wall shelves, pullover drovers, oil pull-out drawers, and skirting drawers, to enhance the storage capacity. These are a few ways on how one can change a small kitchen into a luxurious modular one. 

If you’re out of creativity ideas, and want to know more about modular kitchens feel free to visit for more interesting references.