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As per the Hindu, India had witnessed a 350% jump in the demand for modular kitchen in 2018 and the trend follows. Bangalore followed by Mumbai and Delhi NCR had the largest demand of modular kitchen respectively. As per the report, it was said that around 92% of the married couples opted for a modular kitchen, including people from the 25-44 age group. There was around 30% increase in the demand of sleek handle-less white kitchens that set the base in India. It would be interesting to note that the compound annual growth rate of modular kitchen is estimated to be 51.87% in the coming future. Now we cannot say that these are out of trend, people are renovating their cookhouses and bringing in new projects to change their traditional and cultural cook houses. As per a study conducted by the Hindu, people above the age of 45 choose to remain with a conservative idea of traditional kitchens.

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It is said that if you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life. Organizing a kitchen is not a difficult task, all you need to do is keep a check on your maintenance skills and gather the courage to keep up. Generally, people are worried about the yellow stains and odors from cooktop, cabinets and Range-hood. The bad smell can be caused due to leakage, stagnant water or even unhygienic rotting of elements.

Apart from this, keeping away rats, cockroaches and other pests away from the cookhouse is a concern. Especially, when it comes to the modular kitchen, it should be maintained well and should be prevented from stains, grime, grout and spills. A modular kitchen is designed with ethnicity, that glorifies it as one of the most important and functional units of the house. It is defined as a symbol of style and luxury. It uses sustainable and suitable material to make water-resistant cabinets. The cooktops are made from one of the best marbles, to avoid permanent stains especially when you have a white kitchen.    

So here are interesting ideas on how to maintain a modular kitchen with some easy tips and techniques:-


Modular Kitchen manufacturer in Bangalore

Sunshine, one of the most precious gold that can be found on earth. But this is not the matter when it comes to the kitchen. It is advised to keep away direct sunlight because it can turn wood yellow. On the other hand, blocking sunlight permanently may lead to bacterial activities. There is a need to maintain a particular level of sunlight entering your kitchen; hence to protect your furniture create a shield, you can use curtains and blinds. This would cut the direct reach of sunlight in your kitchen.

Make sure that you clean your kitchen and dust your cabinets and other storage units if any. This will help in maintaining the shine of the shelves and cabinets. It also prevents any bacterial formation, dust deposits and Ingrown fungus. It is advised to clean your kitchen with vinegar, baking soda or lemon because these are considered one of the best non-chemical cleaning agents.

Prominently, most of us have a habit of keeping the cabinets open after removing things from it. There is a need to change this habit; it is suggested to keep the cabinets closed. This will prevent greasing, oil spills and stains. Make sure about the cabinets while boiling milk, cutting vegetables and even frying. The frying activity deposits a thin layer of oil on the cabinets; these are difficult to clean if not taken care.

Check for any repairs and fix them. Repairs may include a broken drawer railing, swollen wood, and Crackled marble and bacterial deposition. All of these activities bring cracks and hinges in the kitchen. It is suggested to keep a check on these damages and replace/repair them as soon as possible. Do not do rough and tough use of your equipment and appliances.

The choice of clothes you use in the kitchen also makes a difference. Modular kitchens have a smooth finish and are glossy, using a hard and stringent cloth would reduce lustre, and give rise to scratches and stains. Hence the best alternative is to use a soft cloth and keep on changing the cloth after a while. Make sure that you change your cloth regularly.

Modular Kitchen manufacturer in Bangalore


Not only take proper care of the cabinets but also regularly clean the tiles and walls of your kitchen. Most people prefer white walls and tiles; these don’t take time in turning yellow. Hence all you need to do is regularly clean your walls and tiles with non-chemical components including baking soda, vinegar or lemon. Make sure that you clean it smoothly and prevent it from scratches. If you have a wall, use material that doesn’t remove the paint of the wall.

A kitchen must have a ventilation system. Especially when it comes to Indian cooking, a ventilation system is a must. The hot air smell, oils, spices and stains increase the humidity, creating suffocation. Therefore it is required to let in some fresh air.

Having a kitchen stuffed inappropriately makes it look congested and small. If you have a modular kitchen, make the most use of the space. Arrange jars, bottles, cutlery and pots in a manner that saves space. Make separate compartments for different types of food. Have various accessories that help you manage your kitchen including movable racks, hooks, magnet holders and sub-dividers.

Another most suggestive idea is to use mats or paper in every cabinet before keeping cutlery and food items. This helps you in easing your cleaning. All you need to do is frequently change those mats and papers. Avoid any water spillage that can deteriorate the wood and paper too. 

Keep away pests from your kitchen; prefer having pest control in every six months. Rats, ants, cockroaches and other pests deteriorate the condition of raw Material and food items. You may also prefer ant terminating sprays, and other sprays that keep pests away. Keep in mind that whenever your kitchen is clean, there will be no pests but the time it starts getting dirty, pests are the first to come.

Keep your dustbin out at night; this prevents bad smell and unnecessary insects. This also helps in preventing allergies and diseases that may arise due to rotten food. 

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Apart from this empty refrigerator and clean it once in a week. Use the rugs and mats on the floor and wash them frequently. If you have a chimney in the house, clean its filters regularly. Make sure that you keep your dishwasher clean and healthy. Use Aluminum foil beneath the stove to prevent any stains. Prominently if you’re not willing to do the cleaning, choose darker shades in the kitchen instead of light shades. This will not practically clean your cookhouse but make it look stain-free.

So these were the tips and tricks on how you can keep your kitchen alive for a longer period. As generally said that kitchen is the heart of the house, it should be impressive and elegant. Most of the modular ones need very low maintenance but it is important to keep a check on these damages including switching the parts and components including cabinets and drawers. It is very easy to maintain a modular kitchen as compared to the traditional one. 

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