Handleless Kitchen Cabinet designs Explained and Explored 

Over the past decade and a half, handless designs have stopped being considered special. Which simply means, it is now found to be installed more and more in every second household. These even when being omnipresent, bring about a sense of Style and Sophistication to any area or room it is installed into. 

A Magic trick is no more interesting when the way it is done is explained at the end. Surprisingly though, in this case, the magic just keeps getting more and more exciting when it is explored to its limits. The probabilities of functionality that a handless design brings to your kitchen is truly magical today and is learned to cross limits of humanitarian aid in the future. With the arrival of Voice Recognition and Motion Sensors, your kitchen is moving into an era of self-sufficiency. Although it still may need your assistance on what needs to be done. It wouldn’t need your assistance on how it should be done though. 

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Explained below are the whats, the hows and the wheres of this addition of kitchen decor

So what do you need to know about them? 

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To be fair, there is a lot you need to know while it also can be ignored if you choose not to learn more about it. Which simply means, a handless design can simply be learnt to be a design hack used to save space, improve usability, durability and in some instances even affordability. 

What makes them affordable? You may ask 

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While a Handleless cabinet design is usually perceived to be more expensive comparatively. A few hacks when implemented, can also be pulled back to an affordable price on paper. It simply can be made possible. 

Option 1 Explained

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if the shutters in the cabinets are extended it certainly wouldn’t need a handle to make it easily accessible. You’d just need to place your hand below the extension and pull it hard enough to open it. 

Option 2 Explored 

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If that’s not fancy enough for you though, or if this design hack doesn’t blend in well into your sleek built-in modular kitchen design. Another option would just add a push to open mechanism. 

If your pocket is not that deep and but still want to add this to your Modular kitchen decor. Have a word with any of the best Modular Kitchen designers in Bangalore or your place of residence. 

Option 3 Expensive 

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Yet excessively preferred in most Modular Kitchens build in 2020 

This next option of handless cabinets is considered to be more expensive when compared to what is usually learned or shown to be affordable. However, it can be considered to be far more state of the art, in terms of its design and usability, make and build. It can be said to be, luxury felt, seen and experienced in the blink of an eye. 

So what makes it more expensive? 

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The bill amount on this is higher due to the mechanism used to light it awake. An electric motor is used to bring about a technology censored push to open mechanism with the help of an electric switch. When current flows into the switch, it accelerates an upward motion, when a push is applied to the cabinet. The cabinet lights up awake, majestically giving you access to anything and everything housed inside it. While this mechanism can be installed even to wardrobes, bedside drawers and any other such drawers. It is extensively used in the design plan of kitchen cabinets. 

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