A dining room has always been a major point of attraction in a house. A dining room located next to the modular kitchen by modualar kitchen manufacturer in Bangalore  forms one of the most conventional interior design today. Well, it has become a family hub, where people enjoy meals, listen to music and even end up watching television. There is no other place refreshing rather than a dining room, with a hot cup of coffee and cheese dipping snacks. You need to focus on the layout, which is freestanding and stunning. Before digging deep into the decor, let’s make sure that few important conditions are met.

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  1. The width of your dining table should not exceed 43 inches. This is because most of the tables can be equipped with candles, glassware, decorations, and food platters, wine and still there will be space left for your easy socializing.
  2. To make your dining room classy and gorgeous, preferably use rugs to define empty spaces. For instance, you can have different rugs beneath the chairs; this will not only bring up the aesthetics but also make your feet rest. You can make it as colourful as possible, depending upon your dining room layout.
  3. The height of the dining table cannot be ignored, make sure that you follow ideal height. The dining table should not be either too high or too less. You can have a vintage old table with modern chairs, only if you prefer eclectic style room.
  4. Do you have more than four members in your family? Is there a problem in adjusting to the rough and tough size of your dining table because of its shape? Yes, most of the people face the problem because you can only have four chairs on a square table and six chairs on a rectangular table. Well, why go for this! you can always prefer having circular tables, it increases the efficiency of the room and also can adjust 8-10 people. Keep in mind that the contrast of your dining table matches with the decor of your house.
  5. Have you ever noticed, in most of the places there is a lantern or lighting placed just above the dining table? Not only at homes, but at restaurants also. This is the trend going from years and will never end. It’s always advised to have a sleek, classy, elegant hanging or a pendant lighting that in which is your mood and brings sharpness.
  6. Always add an element of interest in your room. Everybody can make a room look good. Just like if you are a painting lover, you paint pictures, make a picture for your dining room. Hang the picture on the wall, which will definitely increase the aesthetics but also helps you enjoy the serenity of the place. It’s not just about paintings if you like candles, flowers, wallpapers, plants or anything of your interest. I have seen people keeping a music system in their dining room, to enjoy the meals which are an amazing idea.
  7. Bring in texture and warmth; don’t make your Dining room dull. Add bright and vibrant colours instead of pale and smooth colours. Just like, you can prefer navy blue curtains, purple curtains, green curtains in your dining room. These colours should dominate the other areas of your dining room. Light up your brain and imagine a pleasant coloured painting in your dining room, among all the whites.

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A colourful cake is magnificent!

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Just like how things look colourful, make your dining room and modular kitchen on the same colour palette. You can choose a neutral colour scheme I am feeling with different colour combinations. You can have different colours of chairs, dining table, flowers, paintings, kitchen decor like hangings, appliances, and cabinets. Just like one of the most preferred colour bases is white. It can be paired with black and red. Well, you might know that this is one of the best colour combinations preferred mostly worldwide by everyone. Apart from this, you can also choose blue, grey and white. If the More colourful world makes you happier then you can have a multicolor dining room with each chair being of a different colour. All you need to do is place the colours of your imagination into reality.

Arrange the furniture away from the walls

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a dining table should always be in the center because that is the major point of attraction. Apart from this the pathway between the modular kitchen and the dining room should either be merged or should be the least. That’s because moving in and out of the modular kitchen while serving food would be quite easier. Staying away from the walls also makes your room look big with open spaces.

Have a point of attraction

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Just like a colourful beanbag or a hanging chair that makes you feel pleasant and out of the world. A significant piece of furniture, which overturns your whole dining room. For example, In a stunning white dining room, you can have a red hanging chair. Apart from these rugs, side tables, coffee tables, round accessories make a significant impact on the interior design and decor of your house.

Repeat the material

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One of the best tricks to merge your dining room with your kitchen is to use the same material twice or thrice. If you have a peninsular kitchen or an island kitchen, where the island is made up of Granite or wood. You can have the same piece in your dining room, just to make the essence relatable. The way we wear clothes, matching every element starting from shoes to shades. Every element is aligned similarly there should be alignment between your dining room and the modular kitchen.

Measurements do matter

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Having a huge dining table, in your stunning one wall kitchen would only spoil the look it would block ventilation and leave less floor space. It’s always advised to have a preferable size depending upon various factors like your kitchen layout, kitchen type, dining room size, house plan etc. yes, if you’re living in a castle then you can purchase is a huge dining table but this won’t work when you are living in a flat practically.

Greens are always good either it is with beans or plants

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Your dining room should look like a cheerful space that helps you stay stress-free. You ever visited a garden, where are you forgetting about all your burdens and stress, focusing upon the natural beauty around you. Similarly adding plants to your house makes you feel enriched, provide you with fresh oxygen and fresh mood too. They even bring brightness to their glamorous colours. So don’t forget to place plants in your dining room and kitchen, just to lighten up your mood.

Choose wisely while choosing dining tables

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Make sure that you have a proper design preplanned in the mind. The interior design should complement the kitchen decor. There are various types of dining table like extendable dining table, oval dining table, modern of the dining table, concrete dining table, cafe table, beach table, vintage brown table, driftwood dining table and the list is never-ending. Choose carefully!

Small things make a change

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Kitchen and dining room with small elements like fairy lights, orbees, pebbles and stones, Chic, Wall art, fancy lamps, candles, mantelpiece, candle stand, POP lighting, cushions and pillows and books too. You can also add games, music, crystal pieces, quotes and sayings to keep you motivated.