Different types of Modular kitchen

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Have you ever wondered that they can be various types of the kitchen? But how? This is because every modular kitchen has the same interior and décor including shelves, cabinets, drawers and a lot more. There are three essential elements every kitchen needs to have, either it be large or small, cheap or expensive, luxurious or traditional. It is the work triangle which includes a stovetop, kitchen sink and a refrigerator.


Modular Kitchen

In other words, all the three areas should form a triangle, this is one of the most ergonomics design prevalent in all types of kitchen all around the globe. Generally, the length of each leg of the triangle varies from the 1.2m-2.77mIn fact the combined length of all the three legs should not exceed 4m-7.9m. It’s always advised to have an entry door which is 812 mm wide which there should be no appliance in between these three, avoiding congestion and traffic. You can have one sink in the kitchen, which should be next to the stovetop and across from the fridge. When we have the basic idea of the ergonomic kitchen triangle, let’s figure out various interior designs for a modular kitchen.



Modular Kitchen manufacturer in Bangalore

Modular Kitchen manufacturer in Bangalore

This type of layout finds its place in a small type of kitchen. A one-wall kitchen is space-saving and highly functional because all the cabinets are installed in a single line, on a single wall. All you need to do is arrange cabinets, cooktop, sink, slabs, baskets in a vertical manner, without chaos. To follow the three-step ergonomic design; prefer having fridge at one end, hob in the middle and sink at the other end. It is preferred to only keep essentials in this kitchen rather than stuffing it with all the unnecessary things and accessories. Even if you have a studio apartment, this kitchen is the best because it utilizes minimum space. We recommend that the one wall counter over should not exceed 12-15 feet.


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Well, if you are thinking which is the most economical modular kitchen layout then stop, this is the one. Gallery kitchen consists of two parallel rows of the cabinet that creates the inner passage eliminating the hard need of cupboards. This is a cost-effective option because there is no need for extra cabinets. Gallery kitchens are also known as the parallel kitchen. This form is one of the most effective out, out of all. It is suited for small as well as large kitchens, depending upon your choice. You can also call it a walk-through kitchen because it has a walk-through space, created by two parallel cooktops. Most of the time people prefer including an island, only if your kitchen is large enough. It is suitable for a nuclear family.


Modular Kitchen manufacturer in Bangalore

L-shaped kitchen includes two perpendicular walls. This layout is mostly followed by every Indian kitchen, which makes it easy in placing appliances and having a flexible work zone. It’s always advised to keep the leg of L less than 4.5 m which makes it easier to use. Most of the people prefer to work in pantry cupboard with its shape kitchen. This prevents condition, confusion and chaos in the kitchen. You can comply with your L-shaped kitchen with an Island, for making breakfast or chopping vegetables. It is suitable for large families with 2-4 people cooking.


Modular Kitchen manufacturer in Bangalore

This occupies almost 3 walls of the kitchen, forming a U. Three walls mean three cabinet/cooktops to store all your appliances. This kitchen is extremely spacious and does not require any space planning because most of your appliances can fit in the cabinets. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen or if you have a large kitchen then this type of interior design layout is the best. Moreover, a U-shaped kitchen provides you with additional floor creating work easier. A U shaped modular kitchen allows multiple users in the kitchen at a single time, maintaining a constant workflow. This is a perfect interior design layout that follows the ergonomic design of fridge, hob, sink


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This is a very famous, attractive and effective modular kitchen because it has an Island in the between of the kitchen. Island is nothing but a separate workspace to prepare breakfast, do the preparation work or even enjoy a drink. This area can be specifically used for enjoying with family or as a preparation area. It allows an easy flow of traffic in the kitchen, without creating a mess. Using the island as both as work and family environment where you can connect with family and friends as you cook meals. This is a perfect spot to add influential decorative lighting, owing to its position in the middle of the kitchen, which can also act as work lighting.

A cooking island is a trending feature which can be applied to any style. This multipurpose counter can be used as a prep zone, as a breakfast counter or even as a cooking zone. We only suggest getting an island counter if there’s sufficient space for movement.


Modular kitchen

This kitchen is also known as a G shaped kitchen because all the four corners are covered, Leaving behind a minimum pass way space. You can also assume this as an island kitchen which has a connected island. This island is considered as a free workspace which can either work as a countertop or a storage space. It is a freestanding space to make your working stress-free and enjoyable. Apart from this such type of kitchen uses more space and also reduces the floor space. You can store anything in this kitchen because it has gallons and tons of space. Most of the time people prefer having a good ventilation system like a large window covering one single wall.

If you are willing to make your cooking more interactive, then it’s always preferred to have an Island or a peninsular modular kitchen. Nowadays, the evolution of the kitchen is linked to the invention of the different layouts which include cooking range and other infrastructure development. Planning out your kitchen is a very essential step because it increases the price value and aesthetic signoficance of your home. Apart from this, maintaining open space in the kitchen is a must. Make sure to have a proper ventilation system. Now, it’s your time to decide and make this crucial decision, that which modular kitchen layout suits your home best