Storage and cooking ae both interrelated because the shortage of one is reflected in the other. Prominently when we have less storage, cooking is complicated and chaotic whereas if we have better space management then cooking is a simple and easy process. This generally happens because when we have good storage, every element is placed evenly and classified as per its nature making it easy to use. Just how pantries are used to sort and classify all the food elements based on durability, usage and expiry.


Cooking in a small kitchen with less storage has always been a concern. It is quite crucial to managing your intensive cooking skills in a tiny kitchen. All you need to do is make your kitchen efficient and more productive, even if the storage capacity is less. Here are some of the tips and tricks on how you can manage storage in the small kitchen

  • First of all, you can get a burner cover so that when the burner is not in use there can be more preparation space on your counter.
  • Don’t mess up your kitchen easily, while cooking makes sure that you clean your kitchen continuously so that it does not get chaotic. For example, while peeling off the vegetables have a paper towel below it so you can dispose of things easily.
  • Use multiple tier racks which increase the efficiency and also increase the storage. Generally, people use a three-tier cooling rack to store groceries and vegetables. This will help to loosen up your cabinets for other stuff.
  • Do not have unnecessary items in your kitchen like unnecessary plates and glasses, plenty of measuring cups, various chopping boards and dozens of spoon. Make sure that you have limited cutlery to deal with. Removing all the unnecessary stuff can help you build space in the kitchen. It’s better to rinse and reuse every think you have instead of grabbing a new one.
  • Instead of having many large appliances including a juicer, food processor, blender, Grinder and mixer prefer having one multitasking appliance. This will help customer storage and also be economically beneficial.
  • Apart from this, you can create small drawers and various hooks on your cabinet. Not only can this but the space between your refrigerator and cabinets be used to store various other stuff. For example, to hold nice you can put a magnet on the side of your cabinet.
  • If you need a table in the kitchen, always use a folding table with not more than two seats. Whenever in use open up the table and when not needed close it. This will customize your space; also help you in preparation work. It will increase kitchen storage. Apart from this, the seats can also be used to manage stuff while cooking.
  • Most of us do not use the space available above the cabinets. So all you can do is keep all the large pans and unused pans and pots above the cabinet. This will not only increase space but also help you allocate things easily.

These were various tips and tricks on how you can manage cooking in a small kitchen. It is crucial but not impossible; all you need to do is cleverly manage every element of your kitchen to be more productive. Cooking gets better with more storage, if you have a larger kitchen in which you can customize your storage easily, cooking would be much easier.

If you have a larger kitchen with good storage capacity, then you can have several utensils, vessels and cutlery, which will reduce you’re rinsing and washing time. Apart from this, you don’t need to store pots and pans above the cabinet which will make your kitchen look elegant and smooth. Instead of stuffing things inside the cabinet, you can use pantry sides and drawers to manage storage.

Not only this you can prefer having a larger table to help you in preparation for. Other benefits of having a large kitchen with large storage space area that you can decorate it as you want. If you’re a plant lover, you can put plants in your kitchen, have lighting and lanterns. You can prefer putting candles, posters and colourful textures in your kitchen. But all of this is only possible when you have enough storage space.


Story utensils in a proper cutlery tray

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This will help you sort out things when needed. It will prevent any mess and also reduce the cleaning time. You can store as many utensils you want if they are properly arranged.

Select and consolidate stuff

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Whenever storing groceries and other food items, make sure that you check the expiry date and use it accordingly. Keep all the stuff differentiated in different cabinets so that it is easy to find while cooking. This will increase the cooking time.

Have hooks in your kitchen

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Having hooks in your kitchen for serving spoons, cups, knives and other small essentials can help you customize storage and also make your kitchen look classy. Apart from this having a clean kitchen makes cooking easier.

Have A cutting board that can easily fit over your sink

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Even if you have a big kitchen, it’s good to always use unnecessary space into something useful. Here you can purchase a chopping board that is multipurpose with a strainer and that fits over your kitchen sink. This will help in increasing the preparation space and also enhance the look of your cooktop.

Have containers in the kitchen

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it is preferred to store staples and pulses in glass jars which make it easier to select stuff while cooking. These are transparent and easy to use. Not having a transparent jar would create confusion and also increase the cooking time, because you would require opening every jar to see what is inside it.

Install a small pot rack

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Instead of keeping all the pots and pans above your cabinet, in a larger kitchen, you can prefer having a mounted pot rack.

Shelf risers

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even if you consider that you have a smaller countertop, you can prefer using shelf risers. These help in dividing your storage and also increase it. All the basic need items can be kept on this rack, which makes it easier to pick something in the middle of cooking.

Spice drawer

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Have a classic looking spice drawer, which contains various bottles and jars of spices that you use regularly. Again this will help you reduce your cooking time because it will be easy to find spices when needed. Make sure that your jars fit drawer perfectly and they are transparent.

Here we are, these were some of the ideas on how you can increase your storage even when you’re having a small kitchen for better cooking. By reading all this we can understand that if we have a better storage system cooking can be made much easier. Having different items in your kitchen can customize your cooking time and also reduce it. This depends upon you, how you manage your cooking skills with the perfect kitchen size you have.