If you can’t decide on the best design for your kitchen, we are here to help! Whether it’s a renovation or getting an entirely new kitchen, choosing the right design is a big task; after all, many modular kitchens are available. This quick guide will tell you everything you need to know about kitchen designs and help you choose the best ones according to your needs. 

You should ideally do your research and know your preferences well in advance. Kitchen interior designers exist for this purpose. We will tell you about the kitchen designs and what they are best for. 

What are your needs?

Before choosing a design or even starting to look for your options, do a thorough scan of your needs. Make a list of all the appliances you plan to include in your kitchen space. It will help in deciding the type of layout and cabinets. A plan is made to fit all your desired appliances and efficiently utilize the area. 

Do not unnecessarily get appliances you will probably never use; instead, know your uses and plan smartly. Wherever possible, use the appliances you already have. Choosing appliances is an integral part of the whole process since it hugely impacts your expenditure. 

You know your style well. Find some references that convey your aesthetic needs, and they will help you decide on the color scheme. Look for images on Google and Pinterest. Consult professionals to help you choose. 

Know your space

To choose the best layout, you need to know how much space is available and how you will utilize it. Have a rough layout in mind and convey your needs precisely. 

Note a few things, like the floor design, adjoining rooms, windows, etc. 

We must keep our kitchen space clean and well-lit, so plan accordingly. Some layouts will give you more workspace, while some will provide good storage. 

Some layouts are best for small spaces, like a straight kitchen; on the other hand, some will diversify your needs and make space for multiple people to work simultaneously. 

Depending on your space, one layout will fulfill most of your needs without cutting down on the utilities.

Available Kitchen designs

Now, let’s know what the various designs available are: 

  1. A straight kitchen: If you are looking to have a modular kitchen for a small space or studio home, a straight kitchen layout is the best for you. It is mounted on one wall and has a single line of cabinets. It’s suitable for small spaces as it efficiently provides a good amount of storage in a limited space. These affordable kitchen interiors are carefully planned to give reasonable space between your appliances and utility points. For example, the stove should be a little away from the fridge. This layout makes it easier to cook. It is a good option for you if you have a small space. 
  2. L-shaped kitchen: We are sure you must have seen L-shaped kitchens by now since these are the most favored designs in Indian homes. This layout facilitates productivity. It is spacious and has ample space for all your appliances. These are popular in joint families since multiple people can work at once.L-shaped kitchen interiors are suitable for small kitchen spaces as well. You can add a dining table opposite the L-shaped cabinets if you have good space. It’s suitable for open floor plans. It gives a classic and pleasing look to your home. With an L-shaped kitchen, you can easily separate cooking and cleaning areas, making it easier to work. 
  3. Parallel kitchen: Of all the designs, parallel kitchens are the most productive. These have two rows of cabinets opposite each other. Parallel kitchens are best suited for multiple work zones; multiple people can work at once if these are made in a spacious room. If there are few members in your family or you need a modular kitchen in a medium-sized space, this may be the right fit. These are convenient and comfortable for doing all the cooking and chores. These provide a lot of space for cabinets, and you can easily juggle between work zones; appliances like refrigerators, gas stoves and dishwashers can be placed reasonably by the triangle rule. 
  4. U-shaped kitchens: U-shaped kitchens are great when you need affordable kitchen interiors to provide an excellent storage system. These have a good number of cabinets. Well suited for spacious places, these are designed according to your space, the windows, and the fittings available. Your appliances are placed keeping these factors in mind. This layout divides your whole kitchen into three work zones and prevents overlapping. At least 6 to 8 feet of space should be the width of the U to make all the work zones accessible and efficient. Multiple people can work at once, making this ideal for joint families. 

Which design should you choose? 

No design suits everyone. Choose a design that amplifies your space and gives you good storage and work efficiency. 

Make a list of your needs, available space, and appliances. Consult us, and we will discuss everything with you. After knowing all your needs, we will make a personalized plan to provide you with an affordable kitchen interior. 

OZO Kitchens is a modular kitchen manufacturer in Bangalore. We provide all the services you need in a pocket-friendly way. We are here for all your needs, from consultation to installing a seamless kitchen interior! 

We have delivered 1500+ modular kitchens so far, and when we say we assure you of excellent quality at the lowest price possible, we mean it! We use German machinery; high-quality kitchens tailor-made just for you.


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