We all have seen our mom’s cooking in the kitchen and messing up at times because of less space. Sometimes even things fall on the head when they are not kept properly. Space optimization is a huge concern in Indian kitchens. The most interesting element of having a modular kitchen is that they are functional, planned for space and different from conventional.  When everything in the kitchen is a mess, you do not enjoy working and also it becomes chaotic and cumbersome. Besides, India is a country with diverse cultures and people. We are a country with the 2nd largest population. The house sizes are shrinking and the property value is increasing day by day and hence we need to focus and customize what we have. We are here to help you with your concerns and provide you with some solutions as to home you can optimise space.

Some interesting and easy space saving ideas for your kitchen:-

  1. Add baskets on top of cabinets

Adding baskets above the cabinet seems to be a very simple idea, but can be creative. You can have wooden baskets, which can be painted in different colours and different textures, to make them unique and colourful. These baskets can be used for keeping some unnecessary stuff that is regularly stuffed in the cabinets. You can keep Pepsi bottles, empty cans, containers etc. To make it fancier, you can write quotes on it or even stick pictures to bring in ascetics. You can even get trendy baskets, by just goggling modular kitchen showroom near me. Why don’t you give it a try?

  1. Keep things in an organised manner

Usually what happens is people just keep stuff especially utensils randomly, without keeping them customised. Start with a large utensil and keep on placing the smaller ones within to optimise space. You can easily adjust them in a cupboard and can also have plastic frames to keep these settled.

  1. Install inner door storage

The space on the door is kept empty, but then can be used to store small items like Lid, chopping boards, small pans etc. this helps you to store stuff neatly and also save space. Moreover, you can have this kind of structure beneath the sink to store washing accessories

  1. Use the ceiling

On the ceiling, you can use a rack which can later be used to hang plants, pots and pans. This is a very rare idea as people do not follow it but then proved to be a space-saving idea. You can have a steel rack, with a unique design. It can even hang ceramics sky planters, you can have your kitchen garden on the ceiling itself

  1. Drawer organisers

It becomes very messy to store your silverware in a plane drawer. It is always recommended to have organisers so that everything can be kept separate including your knives, spoon, fork, and other stuff. Once you Declutter your drawer, it would make your life easy and would not even take time in cleaning. A similar technique can be used to store your spices, pulses etc. There is a wide variety of drawer organisers available in the market, to know more about these Google the best modular kitchen showroom near me and choose from a variety

  1. A foldable table

You might be wondering how a foldable table helps in organising more space in the kitchen. Well, in that case, if you are preparing a meal, you can use the table for chopping; handling appliances etc. this will give you more space on the countertop. You can also use this table as a breakfast table, or just to keep stuff.

  1. Vertical rack

Usually, we only have cabinets in the kitchen and we avoid using any other form of storage. To optimise space, one of the most common spaces saving ideas is to have a vertical crack in which you can keep your regular stuff like cups, jars, chopping boards etc. all of this should easily be accessible and can be used daily.

  1. Hooks on the side of cabinets

If you do not have kids at your home, you can have hooks on the sides of the cabinet to store knife, chopping boards and small stuff. Not being too narrow, you can even store grocery bags, planters, towels etc. This can even be converted into a magnetic board; two only store knife and metal items.

  1. Using corner space

In the Indian kitchen, corner space is always an unused space because it does not seem feasible as there are fewer ideas. A corner in your kitchen can be used in plenty of ways, especially when you have an L-shaped kitchen. In this corner space, you can store plenty of utensils, rather than keeping it unstructured and cluttered. Build your kitchen corners if you just want to add more storage space. Because of the inconvenient nature of storage, the room underneath the point where the countertops meet was once fully ignored. These are normally very deep, and getting your utensils out requires quite a bit of fishing.

  1. Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are the perfect solution for easy storage and bringing a touch of the outdoors to your kitchen! These are ideal for any stray items in your kitchen that don’t have a designated home. Place free-standing baskets in the corner or use pull-out baskets that work under the sink. It even comes in a variety of sizes! This is an excellent choice for those looking for both storage and design. For small kitchens, stand-alone baskets are ideal. If you want to search for a variety of wicker baskets, Google the best modular kitchen showroom near me and explore.

These were some of the most amazing ideas that you can adopt in your modular kitchen. Apart from all of this, there can be various things that can be done to increase space. Most prominently, use windows, glass doors, sliders and mirrors so that your kitchen looks much bigger than it is. Apart from this if you keep your kitchen messy, it would look small and congested. Have proper ventilation along with an ideal place to store stuff. This also includes having a good build pantry, to keep all the unused stuff away from the kitchen. To know more about these Space-saving designs, reach out to the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore.

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