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In today’s time, when we are all stepping into modernization, using highly upgraded technologies to make our homes fully functional. Kitchens are decreasing in size. Especially speaking about an Indian household, the size of the kitchen is decreasing day by day. You all would agree to the fact that it becomes very difficult to manage stuff in a small kitchen, we try to find DIY ideas to manage storage.

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Well, in that case, you need to be very particular about how you store things in your kitchen, how you use your storage and present your cookhouse. There are numerous ways in which you can convert your small kitchen into a fully functional and stunning kitchen. If you are interested to know some of these unique ways, you may reach out to the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore.

First of all, you can start by adding a preparation area in your kitchen. You might be wondering, how you can accommodate a preparation table in your small kitchen. It is not a big deal; you can have a foldable table that can also act as a small Count-top to chill on. This will prevent creating a mess in the kitchen, and will also bring in more space making it more functional.


If you have a small kitchen, you can have lower cabinets with shelves instead of upper cabinets. Shelves can help you store more items, which can increase functionality. Moreover, it becomes very easy to access stuff kept on shelves. It becomes very complicated to have upper cabinets, tucked into the ceiling. It seriously feels like everything is going to fall on your head, while you cook. Keep your kitchen fresh, if you have a window let all the natural light coming. In case you are a plant lover, you can have plenty of plants in your kitchen. Not only this, you can even have a small kitchen garden beside your window. It would not occupy much space, and alternatively will keep your kitchen breathable and fresh.


To improve the aesthetics of your kitchen, instead of using the traditional lights you can pay for using pendant lights. Out of The wide variety of flights available in the market, the pendant light proves to be one of the most stylish ones. They are available in different shapes and designs. All you need to do is choose one for your kitchen, keeping in mind the colour palette of your kitchen. Keep your cabinets organized, by having partitions within them. For example, you can keep all your plates, bowls, cups, saucers in the cabinet separated with Mini organizers.

You can have risers within your cabinet, to increase storage capacity. Moreover, do not overload your cabinet.If you have a small kitchen, it would be good if you keep your kitchen cohesive. You might be wondering, what does that mean? In a simple sense, make your kitchen look sleek and unique. Everything should be similar, and nothing out of the track. Use the best material in the making of your countertop and cabinets; complement the colour in design with your appliances. Everything should fall in a single line, and that’s it.


Especially speaking about the colour palette in your small kitchen, it is always preferred to use light colours. This will expand your kitchen visually. You can use colours like pastel pink, light blue, white or even yellow. If you have a white kitchen, you need to take special care of it. Get rid of all the clutter at once. In the beginning, when you start with organizing your kitchen make sure that you keep only the essentials. If you have any utensils, which are of no use keep them away and not somewhere in the kitchen.

This will help in keeping your kitchen organized for a longer period of time. In a small kitchen, it is very difficult to make a pantry. Here, you can have a long cabinet to store all your pantry items. In case you do not have a pantry, it becomes very difficult to store items that are not used then. Having a pantry can ease the situation. You can try adding lights to shelves and cabinets. This will visually impact the size of the kitchen. Try adding LED lights or library lights especially in the dim areas of your kitchen. This creates an optical illusion, which makes your kitchen look larger.

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You can also have a blackboard wall, which is inexpensive and also great in appeal. With the help of a job, you can write down recipes or your to-do list. You can have a small sink with a cover, To increase your countertop area. You can do all the chopping and cutting on the cover. It is also very easy to clean. Try to adopt different storage ideas, rather than having just cabinets. For instance, you can have baskets, magnets, hooks, Long cabinets, slim cabinets and a lot more, to make your storage. Always use delusional flooring, which is very bold. This also creates an optical illusion, making your kitchen look bigger. This will also add decor to your kitchen and make it look clutter-free.

You can have a cupboard to keep your appliances with a rolling door. This can help you optimize your countertop space and also keep your appliances managed. Do not forget the corners. Most of the time, we feel that corners are of no use. Well, in that case, it’s time to rethink. Corner cabinets are one of the best, to optimize storage in your kitchen. You can keep large utensils in your corner cabinet.

Modular kitchen designs bangalore

Lastly, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you have a small kitchen, do not prefer a complex layout. Always keep the record very simple and soothing. Moreover, do not waste space in your kitchen. If you feel that your kitchen has empty spaces, you can go for floating shelves or any piece of art or painting. Keep the background colour light, and you can have bright decor items.

If you feel that your kitchen requires lots and lots of space, you can have floor to ceiling cabinets too.Before planning your small kitchen always keep in mind the concept of working triangle. Choose a layout that suits best for your budget. A few elements are very important, but we skip them while designing our house. Hence appoint modular kitchen designers to help you design your kitchen. Lights are one of the major sources to create optical illusions. Make sure that you have plenty of light in your room.

You can also have a mirror on the wall, for light to bounce back. This was all about having a small kitchen. If you also have a small kitchen, you can reach out to the best Modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore. Designing a small kitchen is not a complicated process; all you need is a good knowledge of market and variety of products that increase the functionality.

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