Modular Kitchen Color Combinations Tips and Ideas

modular kitchen colours
modular kitchen colours

Confused about kitchen color ideas?

White, red or blue. Are you still wondering which is the best color that would suit up your Modern kitchen. Designing a perfect color combination for your Modular kitchen is an interesting task, where you need to keep various things in mind including cabinet type, appliance color, countertop material, flooring, ceiling, table color etc. all of these features help in choosing a perfect kitchen color combination. For example, if you have mostly white appliances in your kitchen with a rustic table, and a white marble countertop then a peach wall would suit your Modular kitchen at its best. Similarly, if you have black appliances in your kitchen, you can prefer having a red wall along with red and black cabinets. It’s always preferred to have dark colors in the kitchen because there are chances of spills and splashes. Apart from this, it’s advised to not use wallpaper in the kitchen as it can get damaged easily. The most prominent wall material that can be used in the kitchen is Ceramic tiles, stone cladding and PVC. Apart from this one can also prefer using tempered glass and water-resistant paint. First of all decide on the color combination you want, choose your favorite colors and make sure that they match with your appliances and cabinets. Always have one primary color and one secondary color so that both of these complement each other along with the modular kitchen decor. Figure out the material you are willing to choose in the kitchen depending upon the use-age of your kitchen. One of the most essential elements here is the usage of lights in the kitchen. Most of the people prefer having a simple light but when it comes to a modern kitchen, you can have large hangings, chic shades, cutout lamps, Lantern, small bulbs, pattern lights and built-in ceiling lights. Apart from this one can prefer having a chandelier.

Some Tips & Tricks for a Perfect Kitchen Color Combinations:-

1. Kitchen Cabinet Color



Choose a perfect cabinet color; people mostly prefer having white cabinets. Please also depend upon the material that is used in making of your modern cabinets. Apart from this the budget and space are also some factors that help you decide the types of cabinet and the color. Not only choose a color but also the texture, any patterns and style. It’s always better to have sleek and simple cabinets, as it enhances the look of your kitchen.

2. Kitchen Appliance Color



Pic Credit: RMwraps – Kitchen Appliance Color
If you are purchasing/making a brand-new kitchen then you has the option of choosing the color of your appliances as per the color of your kitchen. But in case of renovation, you already have appliances nowhere you need to choose kitchen color combination as per your appliances and other factors. For example, if you have blue appliances, you cannot prefer a purple color wall. If you have white appliances, any color wall will suit your kitchen.

3. Kitchen Countertops



Countertop also plays a very essential role in choosing a color combination. Come to tops can be made up of different material including marble, laminate, stainless steel, tiles, soapstone, glass; wooden Etc. Color combination/palette is different for all these materials. If you’re having a glossy countertop, you can prefer matte walls. Printed tiles or glass will form a good combination with wooden countertops. Choosing a countertop is essential because it is a prominent space holder in the kitchen, apart from cabinets.

3. Kitchen Flooring



parallel shape kitchen design 004
Flooring also plays a central role when it comes to choosing a proper color combination. Many times people forget about having perfect flooring that matches with your walls. This is because it is preferred to have Common flooring in the whole house, whereas kitchen flooring should depend upon various factors mentioned above. Laminate flooring is one of the most popular floorings, which has a thumb rule that allows you to pick up a second color that complements your kitchen.

3. Kitchen Walls



kitchen walls coloring
Now is the time to choose your wall color. After considering all the factors given above including floor, cabinet, countertop and appliances it is now the time to paint your walls. First of all, you will notice that very less amount of wall is seen in the kitchen because most of the percentage is covered with cabinets, shelves and backsplashes. Make sure that you choose a vibrant color that is in contrast with your floor. For example, you can prefer having red, yellow, blue or a peach wall when it comes to white interiors.

3. Kitchen Hardware’s



Another factor, which most of the people skip is the hardware color. The hardware including handles, taps, trolleys and rollers should have a perfect color that fits into your kitchen. For example, if you’re having a red cabinet, you can have black handles on it. Similarly in a blue kitchen, you can prefer silver hardware material.

Kitchen Color Combination Ideas

  1. Grey and yellow, this is a unique design where you can have grey and yellow cabinets in alternative combination along with stainless steel handles and taps. A black granite countertop is much more preferred in such a kitchen. When it comes to walls, you can prefer having cream ceramic tiles.
  2. Green and grey is also another combination that is prominently used in most of the kitchens, complied with a white shelf. You can choose white flooring and Stone cladding.
  3. Red and black, this is one of the most used color combinations while designing a smaller Modular kitchen. You can have red and black cabinet along with designer glass walls and black countertop.
  4. Matte black, this is one of the best shades of Black that can perfectly suit your modern kitchen. Black jeans are very famous, as they do not get dirty easily. You can comply it with white marble slabs in walls. If you are a black lower than this is a perfect combination.


Here were tips and tricks on how to choose a perfect color combination for your kitchen. While choosing colors, make sure that they do not punch your eyes and looks attractive at the same time. There can be another factor that affects your color combination that is the style of your kitchen. If you have an industrial style kitchen then it’s always preferred to use colors like grey, black or brown. Whereas if you have a contemporary modular kitchen then lighter shades can be used. If you have any concerns related to choosing a color combination and making it more attractive, feel free to contact We will be happy to assist you and provide you with the best solutions. The website provides you with information related to Modular Kitchen in Bangalore.

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