A kitchen is not just one of the most cheerful corners of your house but forms to be the essence of your house. It is not just a place where you cook; it’s more than just cooking. The way you manage your kitchen reflects your personality. Moreover, a good Indian modular kitchen binds all the cultures and traditions, through food. Besides, it should be the most functional and accessible area of your house. Nowadays, we have a trend of modular kitchens which are much more convenient than traditional kitchens. These are even more expensive and require proper skills and planning. A modular kitchen is directly installed in your houses and there is no chance of alteration or changes once it is installed. Hence, you must keep in mind some of the most common mistakes people make while designing their modular kitchens. These mistakes can help you avoid unnecessary maintenance cost and regular wear and tear.


While planning your kitchen, make a checklist of your requirements. Do not just randomly; have your kitchen design based on style, functionality and appeal. Decide the position of various important appliances along with the stove, refrigerator and sink. The placement should be done in a way that promotes free flow. Moreover, other electronic appliances should also capture places in your kitchen, so that you can figure out the hardware and electrical needs. Interior designers in Bangalore can help you design your modular kitchen effectively and efficiently, without mistakes.


Material selection is another great event that takes place while designing a kitchen. I am calling it an event because it includes lots of chaos and confusion. There are plenty and plenty of materials that you can choose from, and it becomes very tiresome to have one material selected for your modular kitchen. The best way to select material is to firstly understand the environment of your kitchen and then the needs. Generally, people prefer using marble, granite as these are high in aesthetics, durable and do not require much maintenance.

Apart from this, cabinet material, sink material and hardware‘s are also some of the factors that need to be considered. If you’re going for cabinets, look for boiling water-resistant plywood which is a great option as compared to MDF board. One of the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore recommends you to have all the hardware of good quality, stainless steel to avoid it from rusting.


Indian kitchen always has one prominent issue that is the storage. No matter how big your kitchen is, storage is always a problem. Initially, if we plan the kitchen without considering the storage it might cause lots of pain and trouble at a later stage. You would not like to stuff all your pans and pots in one cabinet, making it fall. You need to have a huge variety of storage space in your kitchen including long cabinets, short cabinets, racks, baskets and trolleys.

Apart from this, a pantry is a necessity, to store all the stocked up items. Always make sure that you have dividers in your cabinets, separators in your drawers to keep everything managed. Modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore can help you figure out plenty of ways in which you can manage storage.


While designing a kitchen, people usually do not consider lighting as an important element. Perfect lighting helps in creating a positive ambience in your kitchen. You need to figure out what kind of lights you require in your kitchen, along with their placement and their size. You can have cabinet lights, LED strip lights or even pendant lights or lamps as per your choice. The only consideration should be that there should be enough light in your kitchen, if not it would make your kitchen look dull and boring. You can even have lights within the cabinets, with a sense touch technology which makes it modern and elegant.


A poorly planned layout can also discourage the look of your kitchen and make it less appealing. Before finalizing any other aspect of your kitchen, make sure what layout perfectly suits your space. For example, if you have a rectangular kitchen or a longer kitchen, you can prefer L-shaped or parallel. On the other hand, if you have big kitchens go for a kitchen island or cabinets on all four sides. There are fewer chances of renovation if the layout is decided wrongly because it forms the basis of your kitchen


The best modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore agree to the fact that making modular kitchens is complex and required planning as compared to traditional kitchen. Some of the models are expensive whereas the others may not burn your pocket. It is recommended to not design your kitchen without guidance, and there are chances that a layman could make many mistakes which professionals might not. Moreover, professionals can help you in getting the right material at the right price, without you being stressed. Specifically, when it comes to material selection, you cannot have a degraded or low-quality material which might create a lot of trouble in the long run. It would increase your maintenance cost and also affect the appearance.


The traditional kitchens were specifically made only for cooking, they did not have any art or decor. But nowadays, having art and Décor in the kitchen is becoming a trend. Hence, before you plan your kitchen make sure that you have decor items, to embellish in it. These can include paintings, flower pots, beautiful carvings or just a simple touch of colour on the walls. Moreover, panels can be made and different backsplashes can be used to add color.


Another important aspect that people generally forget or ignore is the electrical outlets for your appliances. Initially, you can’t be specific where you need to keep an appliance, only estimation can be done. Hence, it is better to have electric outlets at the most even and used places especially on the countertops. It is not necessary to have a switch near the sink, as it would be risky.

This was all about the mistakes you make while planning your modular kitchen. The only reason to avoid mistakes in the kitchen is that it is timeless, and renovation is not possible time and again. You can have the regular wear and tear done but then implanting the hole is difficult. If you wish to get a modular kitchen at your home, reach out to the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore, to get it all done without mistakes.

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