Although at times, we may be a dance to the tunes of a significant other or another in general. Food is undoubtedly the main reason why a huge sum of the world wakes up to. Don’t tell us, your mothers biriyani never woke you up without the help of an alarm. Well, although the dishes may differ, the feeling is always the same. We all love to eat and we are sure, not mathematically though, but emotionally don’t even think of eating to live.

Everyone has their days, good, bad, ugly when you come back home storming in answer, disgust and hatred. While some days, just go so much so than you’d planned before leaving home. Whatever, maybe your mood or state at that point in time.

Your favourite dish, magically can make your day or night significantly better.. Plated maybe by your mother or your father, your neighbour or her daughter. When the taste, talks wonders, the tummy surely can’t or will in most cases genuinely ask for more.

This trend, over this long lockdown period, has gotten more and more colourful. With men breaking barriers of sexism and stereotypical beliefs. So much sooner than later, Instagram stories and WhatsApp stories, say pictures and videos of men, showing the awakened chief in them. With this, beautiful trend, came the need to make every kitchen more and more user-friendly or technology-friendly.

Modular kitchen designs bangalore

Post Corona

When every industry, went on to suffer the brunt of the lockdown and its after-effects. The interior design industry, unsurprisingly started to grow bigger and bigger and is still in the same phase today. Google search history, showed keywords such as interior designer in Bangalore, interior designer in Kanakapura Road, Interior designer in HRBR Layout, Best interior designer in Bangalore, being typed and searched several times on Google.

We as a modular kitchen designer in Bangalore, reached the peak number on our sales funnel. More than five keywords, listed on the first page. Keywords like interior designer in Kanakapura Road, Interior designers in HRBR Layout, still rank on the first page on google search results.

Well, we guess we went off-topic or fair to say the business angle of interior design in Bangalore. Walking back, to the central topic of discussion, a kitchen on a household has in today’s day and era; given the social and medical climate become an integral part in a family’s daily life. Technology also has had a very important role in contributing to what we call an ideal kitchen today or a modular kitchen as we find in every given household.

So, what does an ideal modular kitchen in 2021 look like? 



A Slicester

The first addition, on this list is a Slicester. Although, this may not be a very technology driven addition. It surely comes in handy, when you decide to slice a fruits and vegetables. This tool when placed, above a cup or a bowl, and when tapped with a spoon or a spatula, opens up and sheds out pieces of pomegranate. Well, doesn’t’ this seem like a handy tool? At least we thought so, while we used it for the first time.

Defroster Plate

What an invention right? A plate that helps, defrost your frozen meat in a span of a few minutes. Well, guess gone are the days for housewives and home cooks, needed to heat the frozen chicken in a micro oven, only to realize they hadn’t turned it on to defrost mode. With the help, of this wonderful product, cooking meat asper a clock whole process would presumably take a lesser amount of time.

Hand Blender

A Hand blender, as the name says can be used a very efficient blending apparatus. This tool can be, adjusted to your requirement with regard to it accurately adjustable speed. They also, build with quad blades, to maximize your cooking process. Last, not the least, it is powered with a power motor that is economical and durable for a number of years. These blenders are built to be anti-splash, which means cleaning after cooking would certainly be minimal.

Triple Pot Cooker

This cooker as the name says saves you a ton of time. Three pots, three dishes and maybe you save more than 30-40 mins of cooking in a day. While your food gets cooked to perfection, you can sit and enjoy the finer things in life. Each pot, can be controlled with, high, low and medium settings. This certainly is ideal, when each of meals/dishes you are cooking gets cooked at different temperatures.

Ice Cube Maker

Well, does this product need much of an introduction to its benefits and its function?

Guess, there is one product in every sale that you’d want to own at any cost. An Ice Cube Maker, couldn’t be a better addition to your tech in a modular kitchen, given how good a cold beer would taste, to turn a boring evening, into an eventful one. It is, stylish, sleek, portable and in addition also very affordable.

Listed above, are some of the best modular kitchen appliances, you can add to your collection today. Well, if there be a time, when you want to entirely redo your kitchen and find yourself in search of the best modular kitchen manufacturer in Bangalore. Simply log on to or give us a ring on 9590351351

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