Modular kitchens are undoubtedly one of the best inventions. Having a modular kitchen is a great idea; its features are unbeatable! Compared to traditional kitchens, these are highly functional and utilize the space most efficiently. More people are living in apartments and tiny houses than ever before. It has increased demand for modular kitchens since people are forced to use their limited space in the best way possible. 

If you want a new kitchen or to fix your old one, consider looking for modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore. In that case, we will tell you the latest trends you should know. It doesn’t mean you have to follow every trend you see. Do a little research, and follow the trends you like. After all, your kitchen should be comfortable for you to use daily.

Open shelves are now essential!

When affordable kitchen interiors were gaining momentum worldwide, the only shelf options available were closed shelves with different types of doors. It was the norm to have doors for every shelf. The foremost prevalent variation was that the doors were of different styles, sizes, and materials. 

Nowadays, open shelves are trendy. Not all shelves in your kitchen should be open, but you should have a few open shelves. With no doors or windows, it is easier to grab something from a shelf quickly. It increases the efficiency of the modular kitchen. Kitchen interior designers will help you have the perfect mix of open and closed shelves. These have to be balanced across the entire storage unit. Open shelves are essential in narrow kitchens or kitchens with little working space.

Unconventional island options for every home

There are many types of island options available. Just because you saw someone with a floating island in their kitchen does not imply you should also get one for your kitchen. The island you choose for your kitchen should fit perfectly with the overall aesthetic and the available space. Finding affordable kitchen interiors is easy, but it is crucial to have kitchen interiors that will serve your needs properly. 

Some people like having floating islands where they install a sink or other amenities to increase the kitchen’s workspace. It’s a great idea if you have the space for it. If your kitchen is in a comparatively small space, avoid getting a floating island and instead trust modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore, who will help you choose the best. 

Excellent storage options

Nowadays, sleek cabinets are in style. Gone are the days when tons of bulky cupboards were in every kitchen. In a modern building, sleek storage options gradually give you more space to store your kitchen supplies and valuable utilities. When you choose the structure of your kitchen, take care of your needs. 

The kitchen structure should have enough space for your supplies, utilities, and workspace. Interior designers for kitchens can help you make a completely unique kitchen that fits your needs. Wasting your available space is a no-no. You have to take advantage of the available resources and utilize them smartly, so they benefit you. There are plenty of storage options available for kitchen interiors. You have to figure out what you need and then choose the ones that will work best. Select slim cabinets that are light in weight. 

Play with colors and choose the cupboard colors depending on your desired vibe. Colors have an essential role in shaping the vibe of the atmosphere. Using the wrong colors will make you uninterested, bored, or even frustrated. Remember, affordable kitchen interiors have a mix of cupboards with the maximum storage space available, and simultaneously, these are very pretty. 

Include a pantry in your kitchen

If you don’t include a pantry in your kitchen, you will surely miss out on a lot. Some people love to keep their groceries in the same cupboards as kitchen equipment and tools. This is normal, but it may be messy sometimes. When you have a busy cooking session, if you’re cooking with little time or have to clean up your kitchen quickly, having your pantry and kitchen equipment in the same cupboards might be messy. You might need more time to clean the space! 

Having a separate section to keep your groceries is a brilliant idea. It will reduce your workload to clean the kitchen or separate the groceries from the kitchen equipment. Some prefer having separate sections for their kitchen equipment, utensils, and groceries. This way, they cut out the crap to focus on the necessary tasks. No doubt, it saves them plenty of time and energy. 

Consider getting a sliding pantry if you have limited space, or you can opt for cabinets of different sizes. Your whole kitchen will look well-organized if the pantry has a well-kept storage space with cabinets of various sizes. It will also add to the aesthetic beauty of the modular kitchen. 


If you want modular kitchen renovations in Bangalore, check out Ozo Kitchens. With a team of trained professionals, we can help you bring your dreams to reality. Like any other field, modular kitchen trends change from time to time. Look for popular styles and trends if you want to get a modular kitchen or redo your old kitchen. 

Trained professionals will guide you throughout the process to choose the best layouts, materials, kitchen appliances, and everything else you need to make your kitchen fully functional. It’s a myth that modular kitchens will burn a hole in your pocket. If you make the right decisions, you can have your dream kitchen within your budget. It’s more about planning than execution. Implement these trends in your kitchen and give it a seamless look. 

Combining these trends with your creativity and needs will result in the kitchen of your dreams. It has to be fully functional and efficient, and it has to be safe and beautiful too. So, are you getting a floating island in your kitchen, adding a new pantry section for cooking without hassle, or simply getting open shelves?


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