Kitchen Design for 2 BHK Flat
Just like our personality, our characters, our lines of thought and so on that distinguish us. A kitchen in each house is different because of several things. Maybe because of space it is built-in, it can have a lot to do with the Decor used to design it and not surprisingly it can simply be based on the usability quotient. To clarify every doubt in the minds of a homeowner, in terms of how to kitchen decor. We at Ozo Kitchen, decided to run you through, a live kitchen design floor plan. Studied below, will be a live floor plan of a client who owns a 2BHK home. We will be walking into integrities of each element in his kitchen. Wall Decor to furnishing, every aspect will be studied part by part. By the end of this read, you will have a clear understanding of how you could design a stylish kitchen decor for 2BHK home. The Kitchen expands here is shaped parallel. The flooring decor used here is Verified Tiles. However, Granite and Marble flooring can also be used. This kitchen has a wonderful combination of Wall cabinets, Base cabinets, and Tall units. All these cabinets are designed with a glossy laminate. The base cabinet is divided into three, each part provides storage space for an assigned kitchen item and appliance. While one part of the cabinet houses, the Hob and sink. Another side, facilities Cutlery, cups and Saucers and Thali storage space. The Wall cabinets can be used to store Plates and Glasses. On the parallel. It can be used to store daily food supplies, spices and such. While the bottle unit can be used to store Oil and Sauces used for cooking. The loft can be used to store Monthly kitchen supplies and extra utensils and such. A Tandom box can also be added to house vegetables, fruits and more. Based, on the shape of the kitchen corner units (Swing/D tray) can be added to enhance the storage facility. Larder until can also be added. This kitchen being L-Shaped doesn’t have these extra storage options. Spotlights, inside cabinets, above the cabinet, ceiling lights make the kitchen look bright and elegant. Tube lights and Spotlights can also be used in this case. The base cabinets also house a Dish Washer and a Washing Machine. A double door fridge is also built-in perfectly, side by side a built-in microwave and toaster. A water purifier also adds seamlessly into the design of the kitchen decor. The countertops are designed using Granite, whereas even quartz can also be used.
The handles used here are G profile, Gola profile, J profile, and F profile also can be used. The system used here is soft closing, but if you find yourself to be on a budget you can also use normal closing as well. There are a handful of finishes, that can be used, in this case, Laminate with glossy is the finish used. Whereas, if you have big pockets you can also use Membrane, Veneer, Solid Wood, Acrylic, lacquered glass and Metallic as well. As they say, every family has their own stories. Every kitchen in that family, surely would have its own stories. Rightly so, does its design and decor. A designed and equipped kitchen is directly influential to the dishes cooked in that household. Frankly, who would like to spend more time in an il-designed kitchen. Even though, kitchens have been a part of a floor plan for decades and decades now. The Decor options used to design this room has gotten more and more Sophisticated and Luxurious over the years. No kitchen design is constant, just like the thought process of every individual. Even though the dimensions of a kitchen can by and large be constant, the preferences of colour, decor and such are always unique. Also, kitchen designs differ, with the shape of a kitchen, an L-Shaped kitchen would be designed keeping in mind the space provided. Likewise, in the case of a U-Shaped and Parallel Kitchen. If at this point in time, you are looking to build or refresh the design and layout of the decor in your kitchen. Please feel free to log on to our website We at Ozo Kitchen, with a little help from our clients, build kitchens that speak for themselves. They are always futuristic in design and extremely functional in terms of storage. Every one of kitchen design, is, was and always be an experiment to achieve excellence in the making.

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