Before the arrival of the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Bagalore, we have seen the struggle of Indian houses. Managing a traditional kitchen seems to be a very difficult job, as it is not functionally planned before being made. After the modular kitchen came into existence, the lives of people have become much easier and relax. All you have to do is just focus on making your kitchen functional, realistic and pretty. You might be wondering if this could cost you loads and burn your pocket. Well, it is a myth about a modular kitchen that they are only expensive. A basic model or kitchen can be made in a minimum amount of one lakh rupees.

Modular kitchen designs bangalore

Apart from this, if you increase the quality, along with extra cabinets, some other up-gradation is like a kitchen island the cost goes up. Especially, deciding the raw material that is being used, shutters handles, countertop, sink etc. can determine the cost of your kitchen. The reason why people prefer a modular kitchen over a traditional kitchen is that it is easy to assemble, provides you with customization and can recommend the best use of space. Storage in a modular kitchen can easily be optimized, without chaos.

If you still don’t believe that a modular kitchen can be made in this much amount, why don’t you go and speak up to the Best modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore? They can show you plenty of modular kitchen designs, to keep up with your expectations. All you need to know is that, as the cost goes up, the quality of the kitchen also goes up.


Modular kitchen designs bangalore

Modular kitchens are convenient to use and require high maintenance as compared to conventional kitchens. These have to be used delicately so that beauty can be maintained. Certain factors need to be kept in mind, to make a modular kitchen successful. All of these factors can also contribute to the fluctuation in the cost.

  1. The layout of the kitchen
  2. Countertop material
  3. Cabinet material
  4. Kind of storage
  5. Selection of walls
  6. The flooring of the kitchen
  7. Accessorizing
  8. Plumbing concerns
  9. Electrical fittings


Modular kitchen designs bangalore

To plan in such a minimal amount requires a proper blueprint along with an accurate selection of choices. First of all, choose a vendor in your area. If you are from Bangalore, you may look for the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore. Generally, go for trusted vendors. Ask your friends and relatives, if they have opinions or choices. You can fix an appointment with some of them, talk about how things shall go.

After the comparison, you may choose one very carefully. It is better to not panic and be excited to choose one at the earliest. A proper examination and due diligence would help you save lots of money. Approaching vendors who have a really good brand value would charge you lots of money. Try figuring out the best for your


Plan the layout of your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, you can have an L-shaped or a straight kitchen. These two options would also fall into your budget because they require less material and design. You have a large kitchen; you need to be a bit more shameful because it would require more accessorizing and consideration.

As the area increases the cost increases, this is a principal role of modular kitchen these days. The area of the kitchen will be measured in square feet, and price estimation will be done keeping in mind this consideration.


modular kitchen in bangalore

Choose a design, which is cost-effective. There can be thousands of designs Choose from, which can be complex. You can make a blueprint of what you require in your kitchen to make it functional and then set out a perfect plan. In the end, you need to make sure that your kitchen is not a conventional one. It should be convenient to use, designer and functional. Try keeping everything minimalistic, with vibrant colours so that your modular kitchen design looks cheerful.


Modular kitchen designs bangalore

Choose the material and the finish of your kitchen in a way that is durable and resistant to various factors. Make sure that the material you choose has less maintenance cost even if the initial value is a bit higher. Who would love to spend thousands of rupees on maintenance?

Plywood, MDF and HDF of the most prominent materials that are used in making a kitchen. Specifically, plywood is waterproof, durable and perfect for your kitchen. MDF is a strong engineered wood and HDF is moisture resistant and cheap. We recommend you to go with plywood, as it is the most suitable material for kitchens.

Finishing off cabinets also need to be durable, elegant, colourful and must be available in different patterns. Here, you can choose laminates or sun mica. Both of these options are reasonable and are generally used in every Indian kitchen. Apart from this, if you want to go on the costlier side, acrylic or PU could also be an option.



Accessorizing your kitchen would not be a problem. Various accessories are available at low prices. You can visit flea markets or borrow accessories from your friends, to cut down cost. Not only this, you can try making some DIY projects at your home. Moreover, if you are a good painter you can have some abstract art or modern Art in your kitchen just glorified. Specifically, lights play a very magnificent role in designing a modular kitchen.


Overall, planning all this is really tedious for a layman. You cannot choose vendors, material, accessories by yourself at low prices. It is better to appoint designers who can do all this for you. This is because they have a better idea of what is to be done, and how to get material at low prices for the best sellers. Moreover, if you are choosing interior designers, make sure that you portray a very clear idea of what you want so that there are no confusions and mistakes. Now, it’s the best time to reach out to the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore and get a kitchen made under Rs. 1 lakh.

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