Importance of Lighting in a Kitchen
Colour, finishes, furniture, storage space are all aspect that are on the priority list while planning the design of a kitchen. Lighting as an aspect can seamlessly bay the cherry on top. Kitchen as a room, demands a lot of light. The design a home may be marketed to look perfect. Yet if the lighting in your kitchen doesn’t blend in, nothing could be more of a mood spoiler. Creating a good lighting plan will help you kitchen function better, spaciously bigger and more task efficient. Just like the types of kitchen designs that exist, built based on the architecture of the home. There lies a number of lighting options that could fit effortlessly with the design and decor incorporated to your kitchen. All these lighting options or types, add a pinch of texture, symmetry and authenticity to your kitchen. Also more often than not, it also makes it look bigger. Ambient to Ceiling, Task to mood, every ray of light placed in a kitchen paints a different aura. While some rays of light bring about a welcoming ambience, task lighting just the name says, helps in completing tasks in the kitchen. Likewise mood lighting , adds a mood to your kitchen. Everything type of lighting brings out very different aspects to life in your kitchen. Whilst making it more inviting. Kitchen as a room in a home, has in the last few years moved on from being just a room used to cook food. The room now constitutes a very important part in the floor chart of a home. Not only is its design and storage becoming smatter and more user friendly. It’s make as a whole has gotten more Elegant and Timeless. Likewise its design and make, the lighting options available in the market also started to list up. After the introduction of Modular Kitchen in the year 2010. The array of lighting options that hit the shelves of lighting and appliance stores was simply numerous. While the designs and make of the kitchen, after the introduction of Modular kitchen started to become made to requirements. Lighting also a design aspect brought in the option of customisation. Choose the Design and Storage Space you’d want in your kitchen and the lighting can be customised to make it look brighter and welcoming. Lighting in a kitchen over the years has gotten more need based. Tube lights to Ceiling lights, the transformation it has gone through in its design and reach is truly commendable. In todays day an era, any part of your kitchen can be made to look lit as and when needed with the help a single ray of light. Unlike other rooms in a home, a kitchen requires a blend of all the lighting options available. Now that we have sailed a little into the pastures, explaining about the importance of lighting and the lighting options available for a kitchen. Let’s step into learning the types of light and then you can decide what type of lighting will suite your Kitchen Design and Decor.
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Types of Kitchen lighting 

1- Glow lighting

Modular Kitchen designer in Bangalore
Glow lights are a beautiful lighting option, simply cause they make your kitchen look very bright. Also it increases the visibility of your over head and top cabinets

2.- Spotlight

Modular Kitchen designer in Bangalore
Spotlights just like glow lights enlightens in aura in a kitchen. It brightens your cabinets and makes your kitchen look bigger.

3- Inside Cabinet lights

Modualr kitchen designer in Bangalore
Inside cabinet lights as the name says illuminates the interiors of your cabinets. In turn giving you enough light to access the components housed in it.

4- Under Cabinet lighting

Under Cabinet lights are installed directly below the cabinets. With these lights , you wouldn’t anymore have to pay heed to the fact of you not getting enough lighting when using your counter tops. The list, can go on and on as read earlier a light brings in a beat of life into a kitchen. A kitchen without lighting is a more like a body without a heart. The future would see lighting move into AI and motion sensing even in kitchen as well. The importance of lighting is such that it ca never be ignored. If you are on the verge of building a new kitchen, do reach out to us at or you can also ring and WhatsApp us on +91 9595351351

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