Whenever we think about an open kitchen, all that strikes through is the elegant design, minimalistic look, modern appeal and smart function. There is a lot more effort than you need to put in when you are designing an open kitchen as compare to a closed kitchen. You need to focus upon The ascetics along with the functionality. You need to keep up with the decor of your open kitchen because it will be visible all the time. Open kitchens usually incorporate a dining room along with a kitchen and a lobby. You can even add a small bar or a lounge to your open kitchen, for versatility. The first thing that you need to consider is the space area along with the kitchen layout. People usually prefer a simple wall kitchen with a kitchen island or even an L shaped would look fabulous.


There are certain benefits of having our open kitchen. It has an element of appeal in your house, you need not worry about managing space for your dining room and your kitchen separately. You can cook and even enjoy yourself with your family or binge watch a movie. An open kitchen always comes up with a kitchen island, which can eat as a dining table. Apparently, it can also be used while making important family decisions. The only disadvantage of having an open kitchen is that you always need to keep it managed and the cost would be a bit more because you need to invest in the functionality as well as the aesthetics. There is no option of messing things up. It is highly recommended to reach out to the best interior designers in Bangalore who can help you contrast your living room with your open kitchen. Professionals can even figure out the best design, layout, colour combination and decor all at once.


Choose a kitchen design-generally after the layout you need to figure out the design of your kitchen. This includes the way in which you are going to portray your kitchen. For example, if you need a perfect modern modular kitchen then there would be a different set of requirements as compared to a beach kitchen. Designing also means that you need to adapt the design of your living room into your kitchen, to retain cohesiveness.


Colour palette – again, I said earlier that cohesiveness should be kept in mind. Your open kitchen should be in contrast with your living room. One of the most stylish colour palettes that go with an open kitchen is matte black. You can also go for an all-white kitchen but then it is quite difficult to maintain. We, one of the best interior designers in Bangalore recommend you to have a bold and dark colour in your modular kitchen. You can even contrast by picking up colours from your living room. For instance, If you have a unique red armchair in your living room, and nowhere else than this colour can be picked as a base of your open kitchen. Apart from this, if there are plenty of windows and open spaces then you can even have pastel colours which look mesmerising.


Bifurcate your space- Even if there are 3 rooms are open to one another, they still need clear zones for seating, dining, and cooking .so start by deciding which zone the kitchen will occupy. It is more cost-effective to place the kitchen against an exterior wall since it is handier for wastewater and ducting for an extractor fan. You should also think about where you’ll put the dining table. Keep in mind that bringing food to the table shouldn’t require a long trip from the preparation and cooking regions, thus kitchen and dining zones should be considered simultaneously.


Flooring and walls- you need to decide what kind of flooring you would require in the kitchen along with the kinds of the wall. In the kitchen, there are almost dozens of flooring that you can have but the best includes tiles, vinyl, marble or laminates. Apart from this on the walls, you can either have tiles on the backsplash.


Being in decor- it is essential to choose the decor of your kitchen carefully. Initially, you can have framed art in your kitchen. Apart from this, there can be antique utensils, cooking tools, pegboard or even a blackboard. Try to make it as modern as possible, by bringing in designer baskets instead of old trolley racks. You can make it as colourful as possible. Try to incorporate hidden storage, so that you need not trouble cleaning the mess. Have a pantry somewhere behind the kitchen or in the lobby, to stay away from congestion.


Fix spaces-you need to have gas appliances in your kitchen including oven, hob, refrigerator, freezers, kitchen sink, exhaust fan, food processor etc. all you need to do is fix permanent spaces for all of this, before finalising the flooring. In case you have less space in your kitchen, you can devote a full cabinet towards keeping your appliances.


lights in kitchen- while choosing the lights you need to keep necessity in mind. For instance, you definitely require a pair of lights on the kitchen island or your cooking shelf. You did not have the old traditional lights but could prefer designer lights. Choosing a perfect set of lights is necessary because as it is an open kitchen, it is visible to everybody. It also helps in creating an ambience for dinners or parties. When you combine recessed ceiling lights with task and decorative lighting, you’ll have both ambient and task lighting whenever you need it. modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore can help you choose the best lights for your open kitchen.


Shuttered cabinets- Consider adding additional shuttered cabinets to your home instead of open storage so you can hide all of your junk and keep it out of sight. We recommend glass cabinets only if you are a conscientious chef; otherwise, you risk having others peer into your kitchen. If you want to keep the glass in your cabinets, use frosted glass shutters in between to hold all of your fine china.


This was all about designing an open kitchen. I don’t need to do is make sure that you follow every step, and make crucial decisions about your open kitchen. It is very difficult for a layman to understand all the logic and concepts and hence appointing a professional or interior designer could help you build an open kitchen. Interior designing is just a game played among colours, shapes, sizes, designs and patterns. Choosing the most perfect decor with the most amazing colour palette is all you need, to bring in the lively feel. You may reach out to the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore, who may help you choose the perfect material for your open kitchen at the best price.

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