How to build a durable Modular Kitchen at Home. Read on to learn more.


There are various questions asked by people, which challenge the existence of a modular kitchen. Do people ask whether a modular kitchen is a perfect fit for Indian kitchens or not? But what if we tell you that a modular kitchen is a perfect fit for your house. It respective of any design or style you have in your kitchen, you can adopt a module. It is a fully functional kitchen, made with good quality material.

The basic difference between a modular kitchen and a traditional kitchen is that a modular kitchen is chosen from a set of a module that includes various designs and can be customized. On the other hand, a traditional kitchen is a carpenter made kitchen, which does not have much variety.

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There are few basic advantages of a modular kitchen that everyone needs to know, just in case your mind changes:-


  1. In case you choose a modular kitchen, it saves a lot of time. All the furniture of the modular kitchen our priority built and then installed in your kitchen. It saves a lot of time; you need not appoint a carpenter who comes and works in your house for days.
  2. A modular kitchen has a good finishing as compare to our Carpenter medication. There are plenty of materials that are used in a modular kitchen including laminates, MDF boards, hydraulic presses, good quality countertop and a lot more. This helps in increasing the quality, durability and also appeal of your kitchen.
  3. A modular kitchen provides you with a good variety of options. You can have almost 10 options for countertop, with thousands of colour options. Similarly, you can make your cabinet from different materials, which have their unique touch and feel. It becomes difficult for Carpenter to use new materials, effortlessly.
  4. A modular kitchen manufacturer would be much more experience about how hardware needs to be fixed in your house. There are various types of hardware is, starting from variety and size. These fittings if need to be done flawlessly without mistake should be done by a modular kitchen manufacturer ever than a carpenter. 

Where modular kitchens are involved, there are no compromises on quality and durability. The type of material you chose can reflect your kitchen’s durability exclusively. Choose materials for the kitchen that reflect your style of cooking. There are types of material available, marble, granite or stone being the popular ones.

We have seen the advantages but are there any disadvantages of a modular kitchen? There could be only one disadvantage, that there are limited numbers of boards that can be used in your kitchen. Being specific, there are very fewer boards that are water-resistant and moisture resistant. To maintain good quality, you need to select from a few.

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  1. First of all, do not use extreme temperatures on your countertop. Generally what happens is, after cooking we keep a lid or the pain directly on the countertop. This tends to degrade the quality of the countertop. Although, Granite and marble being the strongest element are very sturdy can degrade in quality if not used properly. Using extreme temperature can break them easily. To know which material is the best for the countertop, reach out to the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore.
  2. Be gentle with your modular kitchen. If you have drawers or rollers in your kitchen, pull them softly rather than ruthlessly treating them. This will increase the durability of your kitchen as the hinges won’t get out of sight. 

The most underestimated kitchenware is the cabinet and drawer accessories

Their clever collection and optimum arrangement make storage much simpler and safer. For about any kind of storage, there are attachments, from cups and saucers to dinnerware and even sanitation holders. They make it much simpler and more convenient in the kitchen.

Do not overstuff utensils in your cabinet

 To optimize space, people stuff utensils in the cabinet to the brim. Instead, you can have some extra space or can store your utensils above your cabinet. Sometimes overloading the cabinet can also reduce the durability of your kitchen. These cabinets can hold a beat up to a certain limit, overloading them can even make them drip. 

Cabinets and drawers are primarily for the preparation of cookware and utensils

Whilst smaller accessories may be stored in the upper drawers, due to their weight, large, heavy-bottomed cookware is stored in the lower drawers. Food storage must be handled wisely because it can draw insects and molds that destroy the carcass and wood. Dry food products that require a separate cabinet or shelf are cooler to store than wet ones.

Repair your kitchen frequently, peel off the outer layer if necessary and try to maintain it.

Most of the times, when you use wood in your kitchen it tends to get separated. In this case, peel it off and repair it. Fixing small wear and tear can help you prevent large damages in the future.

If you have a pantry area, do not overload it.

Generally, a pantry area can hold much more weight than your cabinets. But this does not mean that you stop it all with everything you have. Do not push or crumble things into the pantry cabinet, keep it simple and clean.

Clean your kitchen regularly, especially the corners and deep places

It prevents water from being stored, also helps you stay away from the bad smell and composition of algae. This not only makes your kitchen durable but also makes your house germ free.

Modular kitchen designs bangalore

Initially, interior designers can help you make your kitchen durable by getting good quality materials. At a later stage, it is your responsibility to keep up with your kitchen. If you look into these minor details, your kitchen will live longer and functional. To know more about the durability of your kitchen, you reach out to the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore. 

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