modular kitchen in bangalore
modular kitchen in bangalore


With people spending a lot of time in the kitchen than any other place in the house, it takes a lot of creativity and planning to design a kitchen that looks perfect and feels functional. While the aroma of a busy kitchen can make you happy, but its spills, stains and oily residues can be a mood killer and gives space to potential wear and tear over time.

Here are some of the design tips from the Modular kitchen manufacturers in Mumbai that can ensure to save your time in the kitchen and makes cooking a lot more fun.

Design for extra storage

If you love the industrial design style then a compact utensil hanger fitted into your kitchen roof could be an ideal choice with its space-saving and practicality features. This can also be utilized to hang pots, spoon, and copper pans to save a lot of your kitchen space and also gives a trendy vibe to the whole room.

Fancy backlit glassware cabinet

There isn’t a perfect way to stock your trendy glassware in a backlit cabinet. We are sure people will love the creative design as it can give a fancy look to your kitchen space.

Functional Cabinet Stores

Installing functional cabinet stores is one of the coolest and smartest ways to stock all your kitchen essentials like jams, sauces, spices, cereals, etc. These essentials can be placed next to each other in a well-organized way. The cabinet doors can be fitted with neatly designed racks that can be perfectly fit into the cupboard even when the doors are closed.

Space Saving Baskets and Containers

In a modular kitchen design with limited storage space, it is always wise to have space-
saving baskets and containers that can accommodate more containers and vessels than the usual ones. Three compact pull out baskets is better than placing two standard pieces that let’s fitting in smaller containers.

Spice Organizations

Spice Organizer is essential for an Indian kitchen, so it is an ideal choice to design a special counter that provides more space-saving options to keep all your spices collected under one roof and avoid running around the kitchen in search of the item while cooking

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