Five things to keep in mind while getting a Modular Kitchen


My mom wanted a modular kitchen for a long time, so I thought to gift her a smooth fitted installed modular kitchen on her birthday. Initially, I got confused about what a modular kitchen is but then slowly and steadily I realized that a modular kitchen is a highly functional and modern kitchen. After this modular kitchen got installed in my house, life became really easy.

Cleaning, not a big deal. Wait, I guess I should share with you the five essential things that every person needs to know before installing a modular kitchen. A modular kitchen generally consists of various cabinets that Optimize storage. It includes huge units, short cabinets, tall cabinets, gadgets storage, baskets and a lot more. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind before making your modular kitchen. 

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Let’s explore!

  1. The golden triangle rule – it is very essential to follow the golden triangle rule. It is based upon the philosophy that your oven or stove, the sink and the fridge should be making a triangle when kept at an equal distance. All of the three should be kept in a gap of 4-9 feet. This is because all three points are a point of focus in your kitchen. Apart from this prefer keeping appliances near the refrigerator which makes the working more user-friendly. You need to focus on making your kitchen more functional along with increasing efficiency and maintaining the look. 
  2. The second thing that needs to be considered is the kitchen layout. It is very easy to implement the golden triangle rule in an L-shaped kitchen. Most people prefer having an L-shaped kitchen because it increases efficiency and all the elements can be placed cleverly in such a kitchen. This sort of kitchen is more practical, accessible and feasible to use. It is even spacious, and you can utilize all the space all by yourself.
  3. The third thing that needs to be kept in mind is to use low maintenance material. Before planning your modular kitchen make sure that you consider materials that do not require much maintenance. For example, Matte Laminate finish done on is a really good option, it is durable, easy to clean, comes up in new and trendy designs. In a contemporary kitchen, stainless steel can be used to make sinks, kitchen holders, and even countertops. You can add flashy quartz or natural granite countertop to compliment your kitchen.
  4. In a modular kitchen, make different compartments for each and everything that you have. You can personalize all the compartments and optimize storage. Especially in case if you have a big family, there might be large utensils that require more space hence larger cabinets. Storage should not be unorganized; it should be clever and smart. You can have different compartments for spices, appliances, pots and pans, utensils, silverware and a lot more. Generally, people tend to have sectional drawers, which make your kitchen look more organized. For example, in a huge drawer you can have various sections to keep large spoons, small spoons, teaspoons, serving spoons, knives etc. if you have a smaller kitchen, you can have hooks to hang your pots and pans.
  5. You might have noticed houses outside India prefer having a large walk-in pantry to keep their grocery. It is a really good idea, to keep all the stocked-up food. Generally, in today’s time, where the virus is at the peak food storage is necessary. You can keep crockery, cutlery, and dry food in this pantry. For example, pasta, rice, flour, pulses can all be stacked up here. Moreover, it is easier to store multiple bottles of different shapes and sizes in these pantry storages

Modular kitchen designs bangalore

Apart from this, certain other things need to be kept in mind before installing a modular kitchen. Always get along electrician and check all the points and sources of electricity. Ensure a proper water outlet, and make sure that your modular kitchen is properly ventilated.

When planning your modular kitchen, ventilation and safety considerations should be maintained. Large windows are best recommended. The use of appropriate chimneys and exhausts may be an effective solution if there is a design or space problem.

Apart from this choose good colours in your kitchen that are reflective and bold. Do not prefer using black and brown as they are not good reflectors of light. Space should be well designed between cooking, washing and stocking work areas, otherwise, it can end up messing up the place. Ideally, these spaces on the countertop should be three feet apart to ensure smooth work in the kitchen. To reduce clutter and provide a wider space for the walls, appliances can be integrated into the kitchen. it is important to not compromise on the efficiency of the technique of your modular kitchen. 


It is important that you go for the best because everything you create or use in the kitchen space is going to be permanent. You can select moderately priced modular kitchen fittings if your budget doesn’t allow it instead of potentially the most expensive of the bunch. Here we are towards the end of this article; all of the points mentioned above are to be kept in mind before making a modular kitchen. It is very necessary to consider all of these points at the beginning itself, to avoid ratification and damages later.

This is because furnishing is a really tough job and it cannot be done again and again. All you need to do is contact a modular kitchen designer near you to help you out with your designing work. Do not stress yourself out, just sip a cup of coffee and leave the work on to the designers. To know more about the modular kitchen, the importance of modular kitchen and the factors that need to be kept in mind before making a modular kitchen reach out to us at We are always there to help you.

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