In urban areas today, modular kitchens have become extremely popular, just like how everything around us has been enhanced due to the role of technology, the same way interior design has taken a huge 360-degree turn. As a result, some masterpieces of kitchens are now available, which are considered “modular” and make the interiors look outstanding.

However, modular kitchens must be meticulously designed before construction begins because they take time to prepare. This is because once manufacturing has started, no alterations can be made to the design of the modular kitchen.

Make sure the design is practical and thorough before considering a modular kitchen, as you surely do not want to live uncomfortably. Modular kitchens are becoming popular with the masses, as every corner and crevice in a modular kitchen is thoughtfully built. Professionals’ expertise and precision are essential to having a beautiful and luxurious kitchen. If you think you can set up the modular kitchen all by yourself, then it might not be a wise decision. This is because it is a very lengthy and tedious process. 

Still, you can also consider the following basic guidelines to start designing and planning your modular kitchen.

  1. Create a Plan for the Layout:

 The space available in your kitchen area is a significant factor in determining your modular kitchen’s design. For instance, if it were a more compact area, the ideal choice would be to install a kitchen that is either parallel to the walls or straight, preventing the site from being too crowded. On the other hand, kitchens in bigger spaces can be planned to have an L-shaped, U-shaped, or island layout. 

Choose a design for the kitchen that provides a good workflow, such as straight, L-shaped, or U-shaped, depending on the size of the space available. By the golden triangle guideline, the kitchen’s focal point should be the area where the refrigerator and the sink are located, with a space between 4 and 9 feet separating each of these three points.

  1. Select the Home Appliances for the kitchen:

During the kitchen design process, choose the appliances to be installed so that you may incorporate them into the plan according to the exact dimensions of the devices. Next, install sufficient plug points to accommodate all of the appliances. Finally, choose a chimney that has a strong suction power and finalize the position of the cooktop, combustibles, and chimney unit so that one can eliminate the odors and you can create a smoke-free environment.

Before building the area, especially for apartments, it is essential to ensure that slots for electrical and plumbing points are included. If you want a modular kitchen set up in a house being constructed, make sure to consider this and speak to the experts. Make sure there is an accessible outlet for the water. The lighting and ventilation in the kitchen should be adequate.

  1. Optimize storage:

It is necessary to analyze the storage requirements to plan drawers, shelf cabinets, or tall units. Whether you stock up on groceries and supplies once a week or once a month, it significantly impacts how much space you need for storage. Pullouts and drawers must be simple if you have older people living at your place. Conducting home storage needs assessment and considers purchasing drawers and cabinets in various sizes to accommodate a wide range of items, such as spices, pots, cutlery, utensils, electrical equipment, etc. 

Consider purchasing a separate pantry unit to keep all the dry things used in the affordable kitchen interiors. Increase the height of the overhead cabinets up to the ceiling to make the most of the vertical storage space. It is essential to note that the cabinet top will gather a significant amount of dust if there is a space between the overhead cabinets and the ceiling. 

  1. Choose the Various Components:

Regarding the kitchen renovation in Bangalore, the cabinetry’s exterior finish, one can choose acrylic, paint finish, laminate, or a membrane finish. Quartz and granite are two of the most popular choices for use in countertop fabrication. However, one should avoid marble as much as possible because its porous nature makes it susceptible to being stained.

  1. The Use of Multiple Colors:

Choose between a single tone of color or a two-tone scheme of color with contrasting colors. Due to the glossy finish, which quickly displays fingerprints and smudges, you might want to think about getting a matte treatment for the kitchen cabinets. Avoid using dark hues like black and brown since they do not reflect light well and should be avoided. To ensure adequate ventilation, build a cutting-edge electric chimney above the stove and high-quality lighting on the ceilings and walls.

  1. Install lighting that goes underneath the cabinets:

The ceiling lighting provides the majority of the illumination in the kitchen; nevertheless, the shadows created by the cabinets that are hung overhead cause pockets of darkness on the countertop. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to make provisions for under-cabinet lighting to illuminate the countertop so that there is appropriate task lighting for preparing meals and cooking. One can accomplish this by installing lighting in the cabinets themselves.


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