“As we evolve, our homes should too.” – Suzanne Tucker

Remodelling in renovating your kitchen is a need rather than luxury how much especially when you have a traditional kitchen. Your kitchen needs to be fully functional as it is the only unit of the house where you not only cook but also experience emotions. Renovating your house can bring in various new trends and also uplift the aesthetic value of your house. You need to get rid of the outdated kitchen and the designs and invite a new, modern and stylish kitchen. We Ozo kitchen, also known as the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore, can help you make a difference.

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You can try making a stylish cooking space, which is much airier. You can even have a coastal chic kitchen or something that makes your kitchen look unique and personalised. This can also give you a refreshing kick-start, to renovate your whole house with functional and smart technologies. Remodelling can be done, irrespective of the size of everything. The major consideration here is the budget. If you have a huge budget, you can have French art, a plant-filled oasis and a lot more. On the other hand, if your budget is less, you need to make sure that you keep the look minimal and precise.

There are 2 aspects that you need to focus upon. Firstly, renovating should increase functionality and secondly the renovating should increase the aesthetic value of your kitchen. It should make your kitchen more organised and clean

Let’s take a look as to how you can renovate your kitchen:-


#bestmodularkitchenmanufacturerinbangalore #ozokitchen #interior #modularkitchen

  1. Kitchen layout– it is recommended to stay with the same old layout rather than changing it. This will Cut cost and also reduce the burden. Because, if you start by changing the kitchen layout, you would require extraction of the cupboards, walls, changing of electric sources and a lot more.
  2. Cost-cutting method– Reusing your appliances could be a great idea if you are renovating your kitchen within a specific budget. Generally, we use regular cleaners to clean the kitchen area specially the sink. If you are renovating, make sure that you have a really good cleanser that is gentle and can make your kitchen clean. You can even go polishing your countertops so that you can cut cost.
  3. Change the Faucet– Still, if you are willing to change something, change the faucet is the most used component of the kitchen; pick one that is both robust and comfortable. If the sink will be in front of a curtain, double-check the clearances for the faucet and handles. To avoid having to stoop to do the dishes, use a single basin as large as you can accommodate and no deeper than 10 inches.
  4. Paint walls– You can add a refreshing colour to your kitchen, by painting the walls with some bright colour. You can include yellow, orange or any colour that you like. Painting wall does not cost you much; you need to be specific about just a few things that the paint should be stain free. In case you’re painting timber, you need to use a tannin blocker and stain blocker.
  5. Recycle existing furniture -You can recycle existing furniture, paint them and restructure them. If you have a wooden plank, you can convert it into a mismatched chair or just convert an old dining table into a flip-flop table for preparation.
  6. Cabinet makeover– This could really be a good idea, to bring in a new vibe into the kitchen. This can be done by changing hardware including handles and adding different types of cabinets including baskets and pullover lakhs. You need to be very specific regarding the storage options you have. If you have a silverware drawer, try to bring in cutlery separators. Within the cabinet, you can use risers.
  7. Backsplashes-Change the backsplash is in your kitchen will prominently give your kitchen a new look. You can use a stone-like backspace, just to change the appearance of your kitchen.
  8. flea markets– Try visiting the flea markets so that you can get some paintings or abstract art or even antique pieces for your kitchen. All of this can uplift the status of my kitchen. Not only this, you can have a nice Lighting or some interesting element that pulls all the focus.
  9. Open Shelves – nowadays, open shelves are trending. Remove all the doors and keep your shelves open. You can easily store the pretty glass where you have and flaunt the fabulous collection of your serve ware. This will create more storage space and also make your kitchen look organised and larger.
  10. Lights – Try to add lighting under the cabinet, this is an ongoing trend. This will not only make your modular kitchen look very pretty but also make it functional. You can use LED lights or overhead cabinet lights, anything that suits you. We assure you that this could create a really pretty ambience.
  11. Organizers– Ponder upon the cabinet space you have in your kitchen. For instance, if you feel that a cabinet is of no use or if there is a space where you can construct a cabinet, go for it. Generally in an Indian kitchen what usually happens is that corners are left unused. You can take the help of the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore and have an innovation of cabinets and introduce corner cabinets.
  12. Countertop– If you are willing to change your countertop, always consider Quartz. It is a man-made stone that is similar to granite which is also one of the most popular choices. But, this one is stain proof, chip-proof, scratch proof. Moreover, it does not require sealing and Looks adorable. This one does not even have high maintenance.
  13. Flooring– To bring an overall renovation to your kitchen, think about different flooring options that you have. You might have seen people using wood in the kitchen, but then this seems to be very boring and conventional option. Why don’t you try porcelain tiles, laminates or vinyl flooring? All of these are durable and very easy to clean.

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This was all about renovating your house. We have tried to give you some ideas so that your innovation can be cost-effective and within your budget. Apart from this, if you are converting from a traditional kitchen to a modular kitchen, keep in mind that the expenses would be a bit higher.

Moreover, it is always better to invest once with good quality rather than having high maintenance. You can make the process of Renovating slowly if you are short on budget. In the end, it’s your choice and decision. In case you need help, you may reach out to the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore.

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