It is said that change is the law of life, to live a happy and joyous life it is necessary to adapt to the changing environment. We have shifted from 2020 to 2021, alive and kicking. The previous year has helped us understand the value of life, and has given us a chance to embrace it. Then, why not live your life to the fullest. It may include having a good house or even renovating your old house. This pandemic has made you realize the importance of a modular kitchen, by spending half of your time at home. 

You can choose to make a modular kitchen of your dreams by following the 2021 trends, unique and evolving. You might have heard that a kitchen is one of the most cheerful places in the house, where are you not only cook and eat but also share smiles, picture up memories, pull each other’s leg and enjoy. It is very necessary to keep up with the changing trends, to make sure that your house is fully functional. Let us look at some of the most essential 2021 trends to make a new modular kitchen.

Minimalistic kitchen

modular kitchen in bangalore

The designing trends have almost taken a U-turn in the past few years. Nowadays we prefer a minimalistic kitchen, where we maintain a proper balance between technology and nature. The minimalistic kitchen may include having functional technologies, without irrelevant interiors. It does not mean that your modular kitchen cannot have good decor items, it definitely can. All you need to aim at is making your kitchen more spacious, calm and clutter-free. 


Modular kitchen designs bangalore

Having an environment-friendly kitchen is also in trend these days. I personally after staying at home have realized the importance of nature. It helps us Refresh our minds and get stress-free. In this point in time, it is essential to have natural spaces in your home, especially in your modular kitchen. Firstly because Indian food is full of fumes, it is necessary to accommodate the fumes by having ventilation. Apart from this, having a kitchen garden or a small balcony can help you plan the necessary herbs and spices for an exotic feel. Lastly, it adds colour to your kitchen. The green colour of plants is enriching and inspiring.

Kitchen island


A kitchen island is also a part of the 2021 trends list. It can increase the functionality of your kitchen, along with act as a Preparation unit or a dining table. It certainly does go very well with a U-shaped kitchen or an L-shaped kitchen. In case you have a family that helps you in cooking, having a kitchen island is the best option to relax. It helps you make your kitchen a bit cosier and relaxing.

Open kitchen

Modular kitchen designs bangalore

You might have heard about an open kitchen, Well it’s nothing different from a regular one. In case you want to make your kitchen a hundred per cent functional, this is the best alternative. It is attractive, unique and trending. The only drawback here is that now, you are modular kitchen has become an active part of your house hence it needs to be kept clean and tidy. In case you’re not aware of what an Open kitchen is, it is a kitchen connecting your living room, dining room without a partition wall. If this seems perfect, why not get an open modular kitchen for your extremely amazing house. To know more about open kitchens, feel free to contact the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore. At last, who doesn’t want a sophisticated and stylish house?

Darker shades

Modular kitchen designs bangalore

2020 is all about the blues and greens. Using darker shades in your modular kitchen, minimalize is the cleaning process. It looks stunning when combined with white colours. Generally, people prefer having maybe blue colour cabinets along with a white countertop, to highlight the blue shades. You are modular kitchen can be complemented with different kinds of lights. To know more about lights, reach out to the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore. If you adopt an environmentally-friendly kitchen, having military green cabinets is also a great choice. The mesmerizing combination of military green, parrot green and White dominates the appeal. 

Natural colours

Modular kitchen designs bangalore

Using natural colours in your modular kitchen is an evergreen idea. No matter what the trend is, Using natural is always a good idea. It brings a warm feeling in your kitchen, increases space and settles with all types and designs. You would be amazed to know that natural colours go amazing with terracotta and earthy decor. 


Modular kitchen designs bangalore

If you’re planning to have a modular kitchen, make sure that you choose your countertop properly. The trend nowadays is to have marble on the top. It looks gorgeous with wooden cabinets. If you have an industrial type kitchen, having wooden cabinet along with marble is the best choice. This exciting look could represent some elements of nature, with minimal decor. Marble itself has its beauty, It doesn’t not need much décor. Lights would be enough, to highlight your whole kitchen.


Modular kitchen designs bangalore
Modular kitchen designs bangalore

Glass is also nowadays prominently used in modular kitchens. You might have seen the usage of glass in the earlier period. But now, the old trend has made a comeback. You can use glass in your modular kitchen to make it look spacious. The best modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore can provide you with amazing glass decor ideas, to illuminate your modular kitchen. 

Matte finish

Modular kitchen designs bangalore

Matte finish kitchen, There is nothing best in this. Avoiding all the glossy and shiny surfaces, and accepting the matte finish kitchen is the best thing that could ever happen. This generous style and texture make it look magical and interesting. If you are going for a matte finish in the kitchen, Make sure that you keep the look minimalistic and use very less décor. Keep it as simple, to make your modular kitchen look luxurious.

Play with textures

Modular Kitchen in Bangalore

If you’re not willing to adopt large changes in your kitchen, try smaller ones. Just by changing the texture of your walls and backsplashes, you can change the look of your kitchen. Try using different textures and patterns, on your kitchen wall. It does not mean that you use millions of them, keep it simple and moderate. You can use 2-3 different textures in your kitchen that highlight each other. There are many different ways in which you can play with colours and designs. In the end, everything that you have in your modular kitchen should look pleasing and eye-catching.

Handless modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen designs bangalore

No handle kitchen is a burning trend. This helps in making your kitchen look sleek, sophisticated and modern. This could be one of the best examples of practical and stylish use of a modular kitchen. It involves high-grade technology, which a layman might not be aware of. Make sure that you reach out to the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore, to get professional help.

So finally we have reached the end. We cannot limit the 2021 trains, there are thousands of them. All you need to be concerned about is that anything do you have in your modular kitchen should make you happy rather than sticking to the trends. This does not mean that you can definitely ignore them. It is necessary to keep yourself upgraded, to have better knowledge about things. In case you are willing to have a modular kitchen upgraded, you may reach out to the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore.

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