10 Ways to Maintain Hygiene in The Kitchen


I’ve always enjoyed doing dishes. Maybe it was the fashionable yellow gloves that I loved so much. It’s weird, I know, but I find cleaning cathartic.

R. Nichols

Do you regularly clean your kitchen, or do you leave it messy at times?

We modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore, are asked such questions every day or so. This is simply a good question that you must ask yourself very frequently. It is very necessary to maintain hygiene in the kitchen while cooking your food. Having a neat, clean and tidy kitchen portrays a positive impression on anyone who sees it.

Not only this, it prevents you from getting worse with diseases like food poisoning, stomach infection and a lot more. Keeping your kitchen tidy is quite easy if you’re regular. Especially, in these times where the pandemic is at a growing stage, maintaining hygiene is very necessary. In the past few months, people stayed at home, indoors because of the pandemic.

It helps people enjoy precious moments, including cooking together. When the whole family tries to involve in cooking, it makes the kitchen dirty and messy. In this scenario, we are here to help you maintain a hygienic kitchen.

1. Wash all the fruits and vegetables

First of all, it is necessary to maintain hygiene because of various foodborne diseases. Wash all the fruits and vegetables before using them, as nowadays fruits and vegetables are a storehouse of chemicals. There are harmful micro-organisms present in raw food materials that need to be cleaned before using. Nowadays we even get fruits and vegetable disinfection liquids.

2. Clean Kitchen Cabinets

Clean the kitchen cabinets properly, do not leave any corner untidy. You do not need to clean all the corners daily, twice a week would be better. Make sure that you clean the cabinets from top to bottom. Apart from this, the kitchen rags need to be cleaned regularly because these are a storehouse of bacteria’s and germs. These germs can easily be transferred into your food, causing a bad impact on your health. Wash all your kitchen clothes regularly, including scrubbers, aprons, counter wipes and mittens.

3. Chopping Boards

Another way to maintain kitchen hygiene is segregating the chopping boards for vegetables, fruits and meat. Especially for vegetables and meat, it is necessary to use different chopping boards. In case you are a huge fan of salads, keep a different chopping board to chop vegetables. Apart from this have another chopping board for seafood or poultry as these contain lots of bacteria’s when uncooked.

4. Clean Refrigerator

Clean your refrigerator regularly, remove all the rotten food and make sure that there is proper air circulation. Adjust the temperature of your refrigerator, at your convenience. In case of an unpleasant smell, check your refrigerator. In fact, nowadays we even get smart refrigerators that help you remove all the rotten stuff and also find out new recipes to use stuff kept in the refrigerator.

5. Storing of Food

Right storing of food is as important as proper cooking. Make sure that it is at room temperature or even lower when storing cooked food in your refrigerator or cooler. Placing hot food inside a refrigerator ensures that it has not cooled uniformly and as such, may cause food poisoning. All the food should always be sealed, as it becomes vulnerable to bacteria left in the open. The bottom of the refrigerator should store all raw animal foods. This is because in the refrigerator, raw fish, meat and poultry can easily drip into other ready-to-eat foods that can cause fatal illness.

6. Wash Hands Regularly

clean hands

This should be the first rule to maintain kitchen hygiene. Generally, hands carry lots and lots of bacteria and viruses that may be into your food.

7. Dumping Waste

Make sure that you dump your waste carefully, don’t be careless. Use different bins for trash, do not use hands to open or close them.

8. Sterilize all Metalheads

Sterilize all the shopping items, especially knives and the silverware that you use. Wash them in hot water or even you can add salt or any other disinfectant. Maintain a separate section to keep all of these separately. Modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore, if you live here will tell you,  frequently expose your kitchen to some sunlight, to kill all the bacteria.

9. Defrosting Food

Defrost your food in the refrigerator itself or defrost it in the microwave. This is because generally, the food that is kept in the fridge ranges from 40° Fahrenheit-140° Fahrenheit, which is massively lethal and bacteria may multiply rapidly. All perishable foods should not be kept up on the counter for more than two hours, as it becomes highly infectious. Foods must never be thawed on the counter because when in the middle, the food might still be frozen, however, the outer food surface will reach what is known as the Danger Zone.

10. Sink and Oven

At least once every day wipe your kitchen sink and oven properly with hot or warm water. Apart from this, you can also use bleaching ingredients to clean your kitchen. Make sure that you remove the plug before cleaning.

These were some of the cleaning tips that you need to follow as rules in your kitchen. Apart from this personal hygiene is also important; keep yourself clean to stay away from sickness. Make sure that you regularly clean your kitchen, general cleanliness is a must.

Mop your floor regularly, let lots and lots of sunlight enter your kitchen. Many people prefer not wearing shoes and slippers in their kitchen, follow this rule its good. Apart from this Indian kitchen goes through lots of experiments, with splashes, smoke, fumes and spills. It is necessary to clean all of this immediately, to maintain the durability of your kitchen.

Moreover, if a person has a chimney or a dishwasher, make sure that you clean them on weekly basis. It becomes more interesting to work in a clean kitchen when you have no fear of bacteria, infections or any illness. In case you’re willing to know more about kitchen hygiene, you can always visit us at www.ozokitchen.com

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