10 Kitchen appliances every kitchen should have in 2022


Air-pods to fitness bands, there is an app and appliance for everything today. While some, can be used in multiple ways, some just do the one function. Whatever may be the case, these apps and appliances sure have led to technology becoming the king in today’s day and age. The predominance, of the same, led to kitchens being dependent on technology as well. Apps and appliances, in a kitchen over the years, has made them more efficient and also more space-friendly. The more the appliances, the lesser the cooking vessel.

As a testament to the same, listed below are 10 of the most user effective appliances your kitchen should have. 


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Bread and omelette with a cold glass of milk or juice, most commonly than not have been the best breakfast dishes for years and years. The best breakfast, however, can only be made with the right appliance to make the bread toasted to perfection, to blend in well with a couple of perfectly cooked omelettes. So the first and most important appliance you need in your Modular Kitchen is a good toaster.

Coffee Maker 

Modular kitchen designs bangalore

Hotel Rooms to offices, a coffee maker certainly helps in making really good cups of coffee day in and day out. The addition of a coffee maker to your kitchen, would certainly add a sense of excitement. They are easily portable and not very expensive.


Modular kitchen designs bangalore

Sauces to Juices and soups, a blender certainly can help make your kitchen a culinary bed of opportunities. With the presence of a blender, a South-Indian household will be able to make the best chutneys and a North -Indian can easily manage to blend together whatever they need to make the best of the best North Indian dishes. Pasta with salsa sauce is always an option on the table.

Electric Grill 

Modular kitchen designs bangalore

Tandoori Chicken to freshly grilled Paneer, what could be a better appliance to add to your collection, then an electric grill. Get the grill and smoke the vegetables, crab, fish and more. If you plan to host a farewell party for your friends or a wedding party for your newly married neighbours. An electric grill sure opens the door to a window of opportunities.

Micro Owen

Modular kitchen designs bangalore

Heating food to pooping out popcorns, a micro Owen sure does everything you need in a kitchen. While being easily affordable, this appliance along side is also very durable. The usability is also seamlessly easy.

This list in many cases certainly don’t get any lesser. In fact, base don the space available in a Modular Kitchen, the number just keeps getting bigger and bigger by the second, minute and day. No invention, in the case of appliances has gone unused. Electric grinders to juice makers, every appliance certainly opens doors a number Inventions to come.

Food Processor 

Modular kitchen designs bangalore

A food processor is perfect for your Modular Kitchen, If the vegetables on your plate are more and the time to get lunch to the table is less. The number of options, you have to choose from the blades is certainly a lot when numbered.


Modular kitchen designs bangalore

Are you a baker or a baker in the making? Then we’re sure you know how to work with a mixer. Stirring, bread and dough is not a task you could easily day in day out. However, with a mixer, the tasks couldn’t get any easier.  Buy yourself a mixer if you don’t have one yet and step foot into the exiting hobby or maybe a full-time job in the baking industry.

Crock Pots / Slow Cooker 

Modular kitchen designs bangalore

Slow Cookers lets your food simmer for little longer than a normal cooker. Giving you enough tie to run a few errands on the sidelines. These cookers, not only cook your food more efficiently, but also keep a check on the amount of time you spend cooking one dish.


Modular kitchen designs bangalore

Chicken Fingers, French fries, potato balls and more, can easily be deep fried in a fryer. Even though they cannot be considered to be making healthy dishes. They sure do the job at any point in time. The appliance is small and compact and can be stored and shelved in any corner of your kitchen. They don’t need much power usage and help in keeping every dish put into them, crisp and tasty.

Rice Cooker 

Modular kitchen designs bangalore

Although, they may not be considered an invention of the new age. These cookers sure do a deal of help in the kitchen While there certainly are a bag or even more ways in which rice can be made, a rice cooker just beats them all in a flash. They cook your rice to be more soft, tasty and perfect to eat with any curry, chutney or any given gravy. Add one to your collection of kitchen appliances and enjoy easy ways to cook the best rice in the world.

There certainly can be more and more appliances added to this list based on your usage and the dishes you eat, cook and enjoy on a daily basis. However, we felt these listed can be a start if you are moving into a new house and building a new kitchen from scratch

What could be better than a well-designed kitchen to elevate the relevance of the appliances? We at Ozo Kitchen, build kitchens that seamlessly, fit in well with any liking and usability. Built-in fridges to Owens and grillers. Our Modular Kitchens, certainly meet space-based requirements easily.

Although, interiors for a kitchen didn’t come into existence yesterday. The cycle of it being built to customer’s needs and requirement, certainly only came into existence a few years ago. If you want your next kitchen to be built by Ozo Kitchen log on to www.ozokitchen.com

Kitchen appliances on the other hand can be purchased from any shopping websites. With the holiday season,  being seen to be a little longer this time. You would need all the appliances, to cook the best dishes in the best dishes in the world. Log on to any shopping website and choose all the appliances you can get today.

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