An Essential kitchen Decor Guide

Just the way we decorate our living rooms, bedrooms, balcony, similarly there is a need to add some flavor and colour into the kitchen to make it interesting. It is a cooking house but this cooking house can be made more fascinating because most of the family time is spent in the kitchen, thinking about food or eating. Space does not matter, even if you have a small kitchen designed and manufactured by the best Modular Kitchen Manufacturer in Bangalore  , you can decorate it in a very interesting way, with Minimal decor. All you need to do is keep a check on functionality, organization and the aesthetics of your kitchen.

It is generally said that if you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life; you can take this as a challenge. We are here with some amazing ideas to decorate your modular kitchen; you can take the help of interior designers to help you customise your simple kitchen into a stunning modular kitchen by the Leading  modular kitchen manufacturer in Bangalore.

Modular Kitchen manufacturer in Bangalore

Decorations do not mean to have large, exotic and expensive pieces of decor stuck around the wall. You can have DIY projects or some crazy little things to decorate your modular kitchen. A very simple way to decorate your kitchen is by having a wide variety of accessories. For example, to maintain a proper interior design in your kitchen with fascinating decor, you can have different types of good quality nice including Chef knife, steel life, parking knife, bread knife, or swivel peeler, potato masher, whisk, tongs, Can Opener, measuring cup, measuring spoons, kitchen skills, glass mixing bowls, greater, shears, sieve and various other interesting accessories. This idea is easy to implement, all you need to do is just buy some stuff as it increases functionality and also great for aesthetics’.

Another way is to clatter out your kitchen, which means giving away all the unwanted space in your kitchen along with the unwanted materials. Ask yourself if you really need those accessories in your kitchen, or are they just occupying space like a couch potato.Always have a solution for lack of counter space. This problem arises for most of the kitchen, as the larger kitchens are also not much large. In general, we can say that kitchen can never be large even if it is a big one.

To manage your count to space, you can have a chopping board and organizers over your washing area-sink. All the preparation work including cutting in chopping can be done above your sink rather than using separate counter space. Not only this, but you can also arrange Square bowls that feet above your sink, as the customize space.

leading Modular Kitchen manufacturer in Bangalore

To decorate your kitchen, make sure that you do something different. Most of the time you might have seen kitchen walls painted in cream or white colour. Let’s make a change, have dark and rich colours in your kitchen. Make your walls in cabinets as attractive as possible with cabinet lights. Good lighting is in the kitchen; make your kitchen look bigger. You can add LED strip lights to your shells and cabinets. It is extremely easy to use LED lights; all you need to do is just apply. Apart from this, you can replace your normal light bulb with different hangings. Try to use pendant lights, as they may look amazing in your modular kitchen designed and manufactured by the leading Modular Kitchen Manufacturer in Bangalore . Finally, you can also consider having a mirror, or a large window for reflection.

Another great concept, to decorate your kitchen is pot racks. Instead of Keeping your pans and pots in cabinets, you can have a different rack to keep all your vessels. This will not only create space but also make your kitchen look modern. Apart from this, it may prevent confusion and chaos. Everyone knows how it feels when taking one pan out, making various other pans fall on your head. You can also add a pegboard above your rack to hang wok pans and others.

Colourful wall storage, most of these ideas improves the functionality of your kitchen and also makes it look wonderful. Just like having wall storage, instead of having a drawer dedicated to cooking tools, you can put them up on the wall. All you need to do is purchase a wall mount utensil hanger, and stick it on your wall. These are available in various designs and colours, just to make your kitchen look fascinating. Not only this you can also have magnetic Road stuck on the wall, to hang knives.

leading Modular Kitchen manufacturer in bangalore

Posters and paintings, colours play a very mesmerizing role in everybody’s life. Any place without colour, makes it look dull and boring. Similarly, you can add a wide variety of colours in your kitchen. Well, this does not mean that you can have weird colour cabinets but you can have posters and paintings in your modular kitchen. Just like abstract art or any poster that talks about kitchen and food. Not only this, but you can also have different quotations that motivate you.

You can have a small corner in your modular kitchen that has just two small wall seats and a table. This can be complemented with wallpaper and pendant lights. Especially when you have a small family, this sort of sitting in the kitchen can be pleasing and useful. Most of the time, this structure works as a dining table or a countertop, depending upon priority and usage. This is a unique interior design idea, which you can implement in your kitchen right away.

Another creative way to maximize the functionality of your small modular kitchen is to create multipurpose space with practical furniture items. Practical furniture items include all the essentials or day to day furniture. For example, you can have backless bar stools so that you can tuck them within your counter space. You can have rolled out kitchen cabinets or tables, rather than having a dedicated use table. Wall-mounted or drop-down tables are also in trend, as you can use them when in need.

leading Modular Kitchen manufacturer in bangalore

If you have a larger kitchen, you can prefer having a kitchen island. This kitchen island can have a Tandoor system, which side shelves. You can manage your cutlery in your side shelf along with various accessories including books or coffee maker. Not only shelves, beneath the kitchen island, but you can also have sliding cabinets to store kitchen accessories. This Kitchen Island can be complemented with an amazing bar chair and lights.

Have you ever seen a rolling butcher block, if no then you need to know what it is? It is a card type of structure with wheels, which increases the counter space when required. You can also use it as an instant breakfast bar or have your evening snacks with chit bits.

Apart from this, there can be various ideas that can be put down and implemented in your kitchen. To make it naturally beautiful, you can add flowers in your kitchen along with scented candles or some shoe pieces. These were some of the ideas provided by us, if you require more insight into how to decorate your Modular kitchen; you can straight away knock our doors and your kitchen designed and manufactured by the leading Modular Kitchen Manufacturer in Bangalore