Life becomes easy when we have DIY hacks, and who wants life to be difficult. With the help of some essentials, you can make DIY hacks to Ease yourself or do minor repairs in the house. These amazing clever hacks save money and time. There are various hacks, that can be done in the modular kitchen like re-purposing supply organisers in the kitchen or even mounting a dish drying stand on the wall. You can apply a towel holder within your modular kitchen sink, to prevent water flowing out. Let’s have a look on few of these interesting hacks that can be used in your modular kitchen, after consulting an interior designer in Bangalore or whatever you reside.

Some hacks spelt out by the Modular Kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore 

  • Well, if you have a small kitchen then a roll-out pantry is one of the amazing DIY hacks that can be used. A roll-out track is a long rack, It does not occupy much space, it can even fit beside your refrigerator. You can fit in jars, containers, bottles, packed food and lots and lots of stuff. All the stuff that you do not use can be dumped at a single place.
  • Adding a kitchen island to your kitchen will optimize your space. But getting a kitchen island in this covert time is a bit difficult, or you can do is hire for online services but if not, just have a simple wooden table or a marble table in the kitchen, that can be used as a kitchen island.
  • Keep your knives in grains; this prevents them from rusting and also safe from falling. Especially when you have kids, this hack is the best.
  • You can have dispense drawers Your kitchen. These doors are customised to keep different stuff like paper towels or vegetables. In a paper towel drawer, you can have Rods to hang your roll. In a vegetable drawer, you can have baskets with vegetables, without a door. These hacks are amazing and even brings out a new look in your amazing modular kitchen. Most of the times, interior designers also advise of having such drawers in the kitchen.
  • Have customized DIY rack in your modular kitchen, there are plenty of spices in your kitchen like nutmeg, oregano, cinnamon, pepper and a lot more. All you can do is arrange them in small compartments, hung on the wall. Apart from this, you can you Magnetic holders to keep your nice. Make sure that the magnetic power is strong, if not he will hurt yourself. Moreover, you can also use hooks, to store large utensils that occupy dazzling space in the modular kitchen.
  • Keep your fridge managed, this means that manage the temperature of your fridge, check the humidity setting so that the food does not get easily spoiled. Use your leftovers efficiently as soon as possible. Do not mix fruits and vegetables, there are chances of deterioration. Manage the storage of milk and other perishable items on the shelves of your fridge rather than the doors.
  • You can use a rod, to store all the cleaning stuff. The cleaning staff has spray knobs, which can be easily hung on these roads. Whereas on the bottom of the Cabinet you can keep boxes and other material. This wills 10% optimizes your space and will increase the storage of your kitchen. Most of the times, the under-sink space is not used, this is the best had to use it.
  • You can store onions and garlic in a bamboo steamer basket. This is because these baskets help in easy ventilation. This will prevent your vegetables from getting rooted easily and also make space in your room.
  • Prefer cleaning your appliances with glass cleaners. Glass cleaners are very effective and can clean a wide variety of surfaces. For the example washing machine, dishwasher, and the refrigerator can all be cleaned with the help of these glass cleaners.

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  • If you have stainless steel containers at your home, all the marks and scratches on this container are stubborn. They can be burn marks or chemical reactions. All you need to have is some dry flour and cloth to remove all these marks. Not only on stainless steel containers but also your sink and counter can be cleaned with the help of dry flour. Moreover, prefer cleaning your knives and other rust able items with lemon juice. Citric acid is immensely used for cleaning purpose.
  • If you have a disastrous microwave, with splashes all around. All you need to do is just take a bowl, add vinegar and a spoon of salt along with half a lemon. Heat the mixture in the microwave for at least 30s-60s, and keep the microwave shut for five minutes. Open the microwave and rub the lemon all over, you will figure out the immense change. Now your microwave will be 100% clean with white walls all over. Try it it’s amazing. If you do not have vinegar, you can substitute it with baking soda.
  • Chopping boards, this can be the dirtiest element in your kitchen if you do not clean it properly. This is because you cut all the vegetables and fruits on it. And these vegetable and fruit juices can easily get rotten. All you need to do is carefully clean your chopping board. But how? You can use lemon and salt crystals to clean your chopping board. Just add salt and rub the lemon all over the chopping board to remove all the dirt and vivid smell.

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These were few interesting and clever ideas that can optimise the way you work. It can create plenty of space in your kitchen and also keep your modular kitchen need, healthy and clean. In today’s time where COVID 19 is at a peak, everybody needs a clean environment. All of these tricks will help you stay strong and stressfree. Now just make a DIY and yes, it’s fun if you didn’t already know.