Amazing DIY kitchen hacks (Part 1)

All of you might agree that DIY hacks have made our lives much easier, isn’t it? Well, DIY means something that you do it yourself, things that you make up for plumbing, home improvement or car repair. In this COVID 19 time, these DIY hacks are immensely useful, because people cannot step out of their house to bring essentials and accessories. DIY hacks can also be used in the modular kitchen, yes if you have a small modular kitchen; with the help of these DIY hacks, you can customize your storage. This will help you maximize your storage and also keep things organized. Let’s have a look into these amazing DIY hacks to try in your modular kitchen. You do not need an interior designer to plan your hack nor a set of a wide variety of instruments. You might be thinking, why DIY. These DIY hacks help you to maintain a mess-free and a less chaotic kitchen.


Use magazine holders, on the doors of the cabinets to store garbage bags, aluminum foils, bottles or long structured stuff to manage your storage. All you need is a magazine holder and a few screws, these are basic requirements most of it is found in everybody’s house. This will make extra space, and occupy the leftover space in the cabinets. If you do not have a magazine holder, you can use small baskets with hooks because baskets are easily available, these can be circular rectangular or any shape, make sure that these baskets do not clash with your cabinet.


If you have a messy pantry basket, here we are with a DIY hack. All you need to do is arrange your pantry basket with glass jars, and remove all the boxes that occupy space. Keep all the small biscuits, crackles, nuts in glass containers because these occupy less space. Similarly, if you do not have glass containers, you can have sealed packs to store your stuff unlock it with a paper pin. This hack will make your life easier, by arranging your pantry and helping you find stuff easily.


Imagine having a drawer, mess it up with your silverware folks and spoons banging each other, you can prefer having partitions. Prefer making cardboard partitions to store your silverware. This can be made through an old box that is kept in your garage or even a thick drawing sheet. Anything is possible; all you need is a trick to do it


To make life easier, Use hooks within the cabinets to store small equipment like scissors, shredder etc. this is because, most of the cabinets are used to keep cutlery or a vessel, which leaves a lot of space on the sides. You can also prefer having small slabs, to keep cups and glasses.


If you have file holders at home, stick them up on the side of your cabinet and keep all the chopping boards, trays and things in it. This will help you in using the unnecessary space on the sides of the cabinets, and also reduce the mess in the modular kitchen.


If you have a dishwasher at your home, and you haven’t Cleanse it from a long then this hack is perfect for you. All you can do is add vinegar to your dishwasher and run it once. This will rinse out the system inside and remove the bad smell. Apart from this most of the times, dishwashers are clean because of constant running.


Prefer having over the sink cutting board, if you have a small modular kitchen this will optimize your space. Apart from this, it will not create a mess in the modular kitchen. Thinking about the hygiene, this is one of the most hygienic ways, where you can wash your veggies and cut them easily on the sink. Apart from this, it will prevent your cooktop from getting dirty because of fruit peels and juices. Yes, one more thing, it can hide all the dirty dishes if you have sudden guests at your home.


Label all the things that you have, there are instances where at times you cannot differentiate between oatmeal and quinoa. Will save your time and also make it easier to spot things. Apart from this many times, there is confusion between using baking soda and salt and sugar. To avoid all these mistakes, this hack is a must. Moreover, other people, who do not know about all of the staff, can easily get to know while cooking.


If you have a small kitchen, you can have an un-operable drawer. These are very small drawers, that do not come out is similar to a hinge. It will give you a V shape when you open it. You can have these below your sink, to store all the cleaning stuff. People do not generally use this trick, but it optimizes a lot and lots of space.


Okay, this hack is a bit weird. You can hang your pans and pots from the ceiling. All you require is a shelf along with a chain that can be hooked to the roof of your house. This can optimism your space, you can hang pots pans, silverware on these hooks. Yes, make sure that you do not have this right in the center of your modular kitchen, it might not look good.


These were various amazing hacks that can make your life much simpler and easier in these times. Following these hacks, will make you stress-free and also revive you from all the burden of managing your modular kitchen as experts. Most of the DIY hacks are possible because it does not require hi-fi stuff everything can be done with all the stuff that is available at home. DIY hacks are not limited to this, anything can be done any time, make sure that you invent one.